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Learners brainstorm a list of past or present acts of discrimination of which they are aware. They think about the feelings of the victims of these acts. They attempt to make a graphic visual of how those feelings might look.
Students examine a situation of striking workers in Los Angeles. They answer questions related to the story. They also interview people involved if time allows.
Students explore the many factors that must be taken into consideration when establishing any volunteer project, be it on a local, regional or international level. They develop international volunteer programs and develop informative brochures to generate interest in them.
Students explore, examine and study about and respond to the issues of child labor workers in Guatemala by reading and discussing the article, "Bush to Press Free Trade in a Place Where Young Children Still Cut the Cane." They write an essay discussing the implications of using children as laborers.
Students explore the representation of minorities in textbooks.  In this US history lesson, students research the portrayal of minorities in various texts from the past.  Students discuss the availability (or lack thereof) of printed information about a variety of minority groups. 

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