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Students complete a variety of activities as they examine the historical significance of the Transcontinental Railroad and the Golden Spike Ceremony in Promontory, Utah, which honored its completion. In one activity they plan and recreate a grander, more appropriate Golden Spike ceremony.
Enhance your American literature unit with this resource, in which readers access the Nebraska Studies website and read about "Railroads and Settlement." They search for a photograph of some aspect of the railroad from the Prairie Settlement, Nebraska Photographs and Letters. Additionally, they complete a worksheet and participate in class discussions of the topic.
Students discover how the railroads contributed to the interdependence between farms and towns. Using the railroads, they describe the effect of them on western settlement and the relationship between their location and the availability of resources and markets. They discuss the arrival of the railroads to an area and how it helped to develop the region's farming industry.
Eighth graders study the lives of cowboys and Indians during the time of Western Expansion.  In this American History lesson, 8th graders analyze various posters dealing with the Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion.  Students discuss the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. 
Eighth graders identify reasons why settlers bought land from the railroad and not a Homestead grant. Using that information, they compare and contrast the types of land given in each situation. They discuss the reasons why given families chose the community they did to live in.
Fourth graders explain how California became an agricultural and industrial power. They trace the transformation of the California economy in its political and cultural development since the 1850's.
Eleventh graders examine a picture of John Gast's, American Progress to determine what they know about American growth between 1877- 1900. By working through thirteen center or folder activities, they study the economics, industrialization, immigration, technological change, and expansion of America. They access links that show photographs, documents, and background information about each topic.
In this United States history and government standardized test practice worksheet, students respond to 50 multiple choice, 1 essay, and 14 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of history and government in the United States.

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