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Pupils listen to music and discuss blends and chords. They sight read songs and practice scales. Students practice diction and explore the differences in forte and piano. Technology, such as CDs, may be used to play the music.
In this visual discrimination worksheet, students examine 2 detailed drawings of a Christmas choir. Students spot the 15 differences in the pictures.
Students practice singing "The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky" by Mary Lynn Lightfoot and "Laudamus Te" by Antonio Vivaldi in an SSA choir setting in this Choral lesson for High Schoolers. Emphasis is placed on National Standards for Music Education.
Students compare and contrast Jamie Foxx's early musical career with the careers of J.S. Back and F.J. Haydn. They watch and discuss a segment of "VH1 Driven: Jamie Foxx," listen to a hymn, and complete a worksheet.
Students sing Oh Shenandoah with correct notes, diction, a characteristic choral tone, appropriate style and have an understanding of the history of the lyrics. The version of Oh Shenandoah is for an SSA choir and was arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram.
For this music worksheet, students learn the difference between solo, duet and choir singing. Students read the information on the page and mark each type of singing, matching the pictures to the words.
In this music learning exercise, students read an excerpt about the choir, the oldest of all musical groups. They identify that human voices vary in pitch, some high and some low, making it possible to sing harmonies in different layers.
Students sing the song "My Love And I" by Sonja Poorman and Berta Poorman in this Music lesson for the High School SSA choir. The lesson is part of a unit that can be used to aid the performance and practice of the song in a choir setting.
Young scholars practice hymn singing and participate as singers in the choir and as accompanists in the bell choir.
Students examine "serious" choral music written for student choirs and the composers who write it. They reflect upon the notion of "serious" music, and examine the trend of concert composers writing pieces for student chorus
Fourth graders practice a three-part round and develop criteria for evaluating their group's performances of the song. They evaluate their own performances and the performance of a middle-school, high-school or community choir.
Students practice singing with complete vocal warm-ups in a unified tone. They perform sections of the following songs: "Lamentations of Jeremiah," "Soonah Will Be Done," and "Fairest Lord Jesus." As students sing, they practice intonation, correct rhythms in the descant, correct notes, accurate repeats and expressive musical phrasing.
Students attend a musical and tour the Kennedy Center. They are quizzed on the Kennedy Center and theater etiquette. A discussion occurs after the field trip.
Pupils sing "If Love Should Count You Worthy" by James Mulholland for SATB choir, horn, and piano and a version of "The Drinkin' Gourd" in this High School choir lesson. State and National standards for Music are emphasized.
Students sing in small groups, and in the larger choral setting, portions of the song "And Nature Smiled" by Allen Koepke in this High School choir lesson. Emphasis is placed upon the use of legato lines, pure vowels, and choral tone.
Students practice sight-singing skills in this Choral lesson for the High School mixed-choir. Emphasis is placed on State and National Standards in the Arts and the song "Dirait-on", a piece by Morten Lauridson, based on the French poetry of Rilke.
High schoolers sing "Hebu Mandari" by John Parker in this High School Choir lesson. State and National Standards are addressed. The lesson emphasizes student ability to sing Major 3rd and Perfect 5th intervals in the group choral setting.
Students practice singing the song "My Love And I" by Sonja Poorman and Berta Poorman in this High School music lesson for the SSA choir. This lesson can be accomplished in under an hour and includes warm-up ideas to begin the class.
Learners practice singing the song "My Love And I" by Sonja Poorman and Berta Poorman in this High School music lesson for the SSA choir. Emphasis is placed on proper singing techniques. This is part of a unit of lessons on this song.
Students explore a cappella singing techniques in a small group setting using their knowledge of Barbershop Quartets as a basis. The lesson can be expanded depending on needs/desires of the class.

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