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Students create a fabric poncho to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. They sample food and drink from Mexico and follow instructions to make the ponhco. They also discover the history of the holiday.
For this single digit addition worksheet, students complete a set of 10 problems written as sentences with a Cinco de Mayo theme.  ï»¿A reference web site is given for additional activities
Learners create pinatas. In this Cinco de Mayo art lesson plan, students experiment with a water and flour mixture in order to create their own pinatas. Learners decorate pinatas.
Students explore world history by illustrating an image. In this Mexican culture lesson, students identify the history of the holiday Cinco De Mayo and discuss the challenges the Mexican army faced. Students illustrate a picture demonstrating a time when they had to overcome an obstacle.
Students research the origin of Cinco de Mayo. In this Mexican history lesson, students research the battle on the 5th of May in Mexico and create artistic pieces that represent their findings.
In this comprehension worksheet, students read a passage about Cinco de Mayo and answer multiple choice questions about it. Students complete 5 questions total.
In this Cinco De Mayo worksheet, students work with a group, writing a creative story about the holiday, using words given in a word box. Worksheet contains links to additional activities.
In this Cinco de Mayo worksheet, students read a detailed history about the holiday. There are then 8 pages with 10 activities on each page to correct. There are some math problems as well, which pertain to Cinco de Mayo.
Fifth graders create a bean and seed mosaic focusing on Mexican culture. They develop an aesthetic value for others' work and a cultural sensitivity. They gain a greater awareness of the cultural significance of Cinco de Mayo.
First graders plan a Mexican fiesta, create a paper flower and cook a tortilla to eat with a fruit drink. They listen to Gary Soto's, Too Many Tamales and June Behrens', Fiesta! Cinco de Mayo.
For this holidays worksheet, students read 10 statements about Cinco de Mayo. Students fill in the blanks with the correct response.
In this Cinco de Mayo worksheet, students use the first letters of the words Cinco de Mayo to write an acrostic poem. The letters and writing lines are set up on the page.
In this Cinco de Mayo activity worksheet, students celebrate the Mexican holiday as they fill in the blanks to compose an acrostic poem.
In this Cinco De Mayo learning exercise, student fill in blanks to complete a paragraph, using words from a word bank at the top of the learning exercise. Worksheet contains links to additional activities.
Students participate in a variety of lessons/activities designed to teach them about Mexico. They discuss the language and the flag of Mexico. Students learn about the celebrations, family values, music and food of Mexico. The final project, a Pinata, ties together different aspects of the unit into a final celebration.
In this logic puzzle worksheet, students use clues and logic to discover who traveled to which destination in Mexico and what each tourist carried on his or her trip. Students answer 8 questions.
Learners prepare for a Mexican fiesta.  In this Mexican fiesta lesson, students listen to Too Many Tamales and plan a Mexican Fiesta. Learners will divide the jobs of making decorations,and preparing food and drinks. Students will play Mexican music at the fiesta.
A perfect assignment to give to your beginning and intermediate Spanish classes on Cinco de Mayo, this worksheet requires learners to conjugate a series of verbs to complete 13 sentences. Each sentence describes Cinco de Mayo and its history, so after learners conjugate the verbs independently, pair them up to translate the document into English.
For this subtraction practice worksheet, learners solve 10 problems that require them to subtract 2-digit number from 2-digit numbers.
In this making instruments worksheets, students make maracas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Students follow 6 directions to make the maracas.

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