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Putting a well-thought-out classroom management plan into place can make the school year go smoothly.
My top techniques for effective classroom management and a great year.
The "Class vs. Mr. Harrison Game" is the second of my classroom management systems.
Effective classroom management is essential in order for your school year to go well.
Keeping track of "transitions" is one of my classroom management systems.
The "Weekly Section Winner" is the third of my classroom management systems.
A better classroom environment is created when teachers start focusing on the positive, and not the negative, behavior.
Classroom management lesson plans can give teachers and students the information they need to kick off the year right.
Learners are rewarded for behavior by the use of a classroom incentive plan that they design themselves.
Tenth graders study the concept of civil disobedience.  In this Current Events lesson, 10th graders participate in a survey that nominates students for hard work and exemplifies nonviolence. 
End of the year lesson plans can help you and your students finish the year right.
Learners are taken through the design process to develop a system of time management for themselves and others. They practice participating in a critique of other students' time schedules and modify and improve their initial time schedule in light of a critique session.
Students explore the importance of classroom jobs and having a leader. After listening to a book, students discuss teamwork and responsibility as well as the jobs and responsibilities described in the story. They determine how to demonstrate teamwork and responsibility in the classroom. Students create a list of classroom jobs, with job descriptions.
Students work to improve a plot of land. They assess the needs of the environment and formulate a plan. They plant trees and gardens, build bird boxes, construct waterholes. etc.
Students explore how to create and restore healthy forests. Given a scenario, teams of students create a management plan to assist the forest in becoming healthy, safe, and appealing. Students consider the ecosystem, adaptations of the animals, and the interdependence between animals and other organisms.
Students explore the steps a teacher goes through to plan, organize and implement centers in the classroom. They observe a video of classroom management using centers and computer technology. Strategies for managing students who are working in centers are discussed.
Students explore curriculum integration of basic internet skills within the classroom. They observe classroom management skills enforced when using technology as a teaching tool. Students discuss the use of URL's and bookmarks in the computer lab.
Students explore the use of classroom management while using centers in cooperative grouping. Prospective teachers observe a video of young students working on iBooks in a classroom setting. Teachers explore strategies to ensure students are engaged. They discuss the need to assign jobs to students in cooperative groups.
Young scholars who have disruptively talked or created a disturbance during a lesson then write an essay about respect. They read an explanation of what respect looks like in the classroom and copy an explanation about why talkative behavior is disruptive.
Students discuss the topic of peace and community. They identify their own examples to support their own idea of peace. They create a list of items that would make their classroom a more peaceful place.

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