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Students examine the discovery of gold in California and its impact on its people. In this California mining history instructional activity, students read letters from Dame Shirley and discuss the Foreign Miners' Tax law. Students write an editorial about the discrimination against Native Americans during the Gold Rush.
In this history worksheet, students complete short answer questions about different World Wars, Prime Ministers, cities in different countries, and more. Students complete 20 questions.
Students read and answer questions about the life of Mark Twain. In this biography lesson, students read about the life and work of Mark Twain. Students complete a worksheet about the reading.
For this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 4-paragraph article regarding real and fictional characters and respond to 8 short answer questions. Vocabulary words and definitions are included.
In this archaeology for kids quiz 97 learning exercise, students interactively answer 12 multiple choice questions as part of an online magazine.
For this Egypt worksheet, students read Egyptian vocabulary and picture cards to get familiar with the history of Egypt. Students have 12 cards to work with.
In this confusing words worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences with the correct confusing words. Students complete 20 multiple choice questions total.
In this Kings and Pharaohs worksheet, students fill in the blanks to a chart about Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt. Students fill in the blanks to 20 spaces in the chart.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about Edith Hamilton's MythologyStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
In this Classical period worksheet, learners read over 2 pages of notes about Hellenistic culture and then highlight the important details.
For this trivia worksheet, 4th graders answer 62 trivia-style questions on small cards (22 to a page, ready to be cut out)  covering all topics, with answers printed upside down on each card.
Eleventh graders role play a scenario where they have to make a decision. In this english lesson plan, 11th graders interpret graphs. They research about the life of different historical figures.
Quite a few movies are somewhat based on Shakesperean plays. Can you match them correctly? The title of a movie is given with four Shakespeare play titles to choose from for each question.
If you teach a Shakespeare class, this online interactive quiz may be useful as it tests readers' ability to identify the source of 15 quotes from numerous plays.
Decipher which Shakespearean plays these lines open or close. All that is given in the question is the line along with whether it is an opening or closing line. Four choices of play titles are available to pair with quotes. How well do you know Shakespeare's various plays?
Review all things Homeric with this quiz! It covers the plot of The Odyssey, along with technical questions about poetic meter and stressed syllables. The Greek language is on display with Homer's writings and with this quiz.
Third graders distinguish A.D. from B.C. on a timeline. They compare and contrast two different versions of the legend of Romulus and Remus.
Seventh graders investigate the qualities, characteristics and skills that effective leaders possess and use. They research the backgrounds and contributions of world leaders (past and present) and then assess the significance of their accomplishments.
Students view the video "Sunken City." They locate Egypt and Alexandria on the class map. Students are asked to name the Egyptian ruler whose palace was excavated in the video. They are explained that they are going to research different rulers and create their own trading card with basic facts and one image.
Fourth graders conduct research using the Internet. In this Internet resources lesson, 4th graders evaluate the source of information found online and compare the benefits and risks of using the Internet. Students use information gathered for a project. 

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