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In this world leaders worksheet, students pick 2 of 16 given world leaders and describe how the work complemented one another.
In this world leaders worksheet, students read the clues about world leaders. Students circle the correct definition for each word to complete the 16 examples.
In this Dig Magazine archeology quiz, students answer 5 multiple choice questions covering a variety of topics. Page contains answer and additional resources link.
If you teach a Shakespeare class, this online interactive quiz on songs from his plays may be fun for your class, though it has little educational merit. It requires familiarity with many of his works.
This online interactive quiz is too low-quality to assign to your class; however, you may want to adapt the idea of recognizing starts and finishes of works for your own lesson or quiz. An example from the activity is: "When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in rain?" This is the first line of which Shakespeare play? Answer: Macbeth.
If you teach a Shakespeare class, this online interactive quiz might be useful as it tests the ability to match quotes with characters from numerous plays.
This multiple-choice quiz tests pupils' ability to recall information about plot and character, making it a possible resource to check for understanding or completion of reading. Immediate feedback and scoring make Fun Trivia Quizzes a quick and easy resource for both teachers and pupils to use.
Have your learners find out more about a band from the 80's with this resource. They answer questions relating to Adam Ant, a popular musician at this time. This is a great way to have your class practice research skills.
Middle schoolers examine and describe the role boats played in ancient Egyptian daily life and the afterlife. They list objects needed for the afterlife by ancient Egyptians, then recreate them using clay or paint.
Students explore, analyze and study Abstraction through an ancient Greek sculpture and then create a self-portrait utilizing geometric shapes. They actively seek how to connect the past to the present through the medium of sculpture via a Cycladic figure.
Students construct a three-dimensional model of the Pantheon.
In this math worksheet, students read and solve two story problems about historical figures. Both problems involve addition of whole numbers.

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