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In this collective nouns and pronouns activity, learners discover how to form the plurals of nouns that are countable and uncountable.
In this collective nouns worksheet, learners complete fifteen sentences by placing in each one the correct collective noun from the noun bank provided.
Play around with collective nouns! For this activity, learners read and study a story about a band of thieves coming to an island. Readers look for the collective noun groups in the story and circle all 40 of them. This exercise includes a wide variety of collective nouns for pupils to identify as well as an answer key.
In this collective nouns worksheet, students complete a word search, choose the correct countable noun, and complete a crossword. Students complete 3 activities.
In this online interactive grammar skills worksheet, students answer 9 questions regarding collective nouns and pronouns. Students may submit their answers to be scored.    
Third graders discuss and create proverbs using the book "The Hidden Feast" by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss. They listen to the story and answer story comprehension questions. Students identify and explain any proverbs in the story, then complete a collective noun worksheet.
Collective Nouns are the focus of this early-elementary presentation. Pupils see many examples of collective nouns through pictures and text. Terrific interactive opportunities are embedded in the slides as well as a link to an excellent website.
For this identifying the collective nouns in sentences worksheet, students read the sentences and the pair of collective nouns in parentheses and select the collective nouns that best complete the sentences. Students write 6 answers.
For this recognizing collective nouns worksheet, students use collective nouns in a word bank to fill in the blanks in sentences. Students write 7 answers.
In this recognizing collective nouns in sentences worksheet, students use the collective nouns in a word bank to fill in the blanks. Students write 6 answers.
Break down subject and verb agreement with this exercise. This activity only deals with present tense verbs and collective nouns. Pupils learn how to make the verb of a sentence agree with the collective noun by reading sentences and, given a choice of a plural and a singular verb, circling or writing down the correct choice. This is a quick activity that could be used as a starter or homework assignment. Answers are available.
Practice identifying and using collective nouns with this resource. For this activity, pupils circle the collective noun and the group that it describes in each sentence. They then use the collective nouns to write their own sentences. The directions suggest that you read each sentence out loud. You might do this, or have learners read each sentence aloud to each other.
Encourage your class to identify the correct usage of collective nouns in sentences with this activity. Given three choices, with the collective nouns circled in each possible choice, class members choose the sentence in which the collective noun has been used correctly. Below this exercise are examples of collective nouns that have been used correctly. Answers are available.
In this grammar learning exercise, students circle the collective noun in each of 6 sentences. They see the subject noun that is printed in green and underlined before they look for the noun that is describing the subject.
For this collective nouns worksheet, students circle the collective nouns that best completes the 7 sentences. Students then read the sentences that use collective nouns as sentence openers.
Explore collective nouns with this activity. Learners discover what collective nouns are and describe groups of animals by using the word bank to fill in the blanks in 9 sentences. Class members are also encouraged to create their own collective nouns for a list of 12 different animals. This second part would just be for fun.
In this recognizing collective nouns instructional activity, students circle the collective nouns in sentences that describe the subjects. Students circle 6 answers.
Are you working on collective nouns in your class? Consider this activity to facilitate understanding. For this exercise, learners match the collective nouns in the left column with the groups or units in the right column and write the matched pairs in complete sentences below. The first one is already filled in so that class members know what is expected of them. This online resource has answers.
In this collective noun learning exercise, students match the collective nouns with it's group to make a sentence by writing the letter in the correct space. Students write the matched pairs into complete sentences.
In this grammar worksheet, students read the definition of collective nouns. They complete 17 phrases using the words from a word bank at the bottom of the page. They write more collective nouns on the back of the page.

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