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Most of the kids in your senior class really want to go to college, but some of them have no idea of how they're going to pay for it. Cover the basics regarding college funding. Information includes types of college options, types of funding options, scholarships, FAFSA, grants and loans. An excellent source of information for any young adult ready to move on to higher education.
Get those kids brainstorming about the types of jobs or careers they'd love to have. Then have them dive into a career-focused research project. Pupils take an interest survey, discuss career clusters, then work through the provided worksheets to start researching a potential career. Additionally, they write a paper describing that career, why they want to pursue it, and what they need to do to reach their goals.
Prepping pupils for the real world is a vital part of our job. This activity focuses on getting upper graders ready for their first post-collegiate job interview. They will prepare a resume, research a potential company to work for, and then engage in a mock interview which their peers will rate. Script, procedure, and worksheets are included. This lesson really offers a glimpse of what it takes to land a good job!
High schoolers research, analyze and study a variety of resources and activities to broaden their horizons on careers and service learning through classroom, community and career activities. They scan all possible choices they have at their disposal out in the real world.
Ninth graders will explore manufacturing careers. In this career instructional activity, 9th graders will explore career options through an interactive video-conference with an engineering professor or professional.
Each of the 9 slides have a list of possible careers within areas of the Health industry.  There are no explanations or details of any of the jobs and so this would be useful to introduce the areas and then let the students research some basic details for themselves.  
Students discuss career possibilities. In this career education lesson, students view presentations from various career areas and discuss workplace requirements. Students list the top few career choices that interest them.
Students explore their career options and practice resume writing and college application essays. In this career exploration lesson, students create a personal career portfolio using the Web and other resource tools to access interest surveys and career information sites. Students identify their career goals, take interest and personality inventories, research two careers, prepare a report for one career, and prepare and career portfolio.
Students read several passages about archaeology to learn about the career. In this archaeology lesson, students research the career of archaeology. Students interview an archaeologist and then write an essay about the career choice of archaeology.
Fifth graders explore career options and potential jobs. In this career lesson, 5th graders study various careers and the training or education needed for those careers. Students study posters and name career paths as well as occupations in the paths. Students complete worksheets related to the career exploration and research three jobs they would like to have.
By engaging in small and large group discussions, learners consider the importance of attending college. After discussion, small groups reconvene and create posters based on their findings.
Learners discuss and complete a variety of activities involving careers: occupations of people who work at the White House, U.S. census workers, and professional rock stars, movie stars, and athletes.
It's never too early to connect children with the real world meaning of their work. A series of four one-hour sessions, plus a field trip, make up this unit on college and career readiness for first and second graders. After viewing a video about careers and completing a career interest survey, children brainstorm interview questions and ask them of various guest speakers from the campus community. They then create a careers book and, together, compose thank you letters to each guest.
High school students need a dose of reality about higher education choices.
College readiness can start very early in an individual's academic career. Jr. high schoolers discuss the transitions and challenges they expect to face during high school and beyond. Two worksheets are included, one in English and one in Spanish. Each are designed to focus learner attention on ways they can overcome the challenges of high school.
Use this packet of resources in your career unit about writing a resume. Filled with instructions, suggestions, and examples, this series of worksheets could be a great addition to a unit about careers and professional writing. Excellent for junior high, high school, college, or an adult ed class.
Getting ready for the real word can start with understanding what you want to do when you grow up. Upper graders use the provided worksheets to consider what they'd most like to do as they leave school and enter the workforce. They consider both their academic and career goals, then discuss how they can make their goals a reality.
Learners in grades 9-12 learn about their GPA. They learn what GPA stands for, how to calculate their own GPA and what it means for them in relation to their personal goals and for potential colleges. 
High schoolers need to be prepared to enter the job market during or after high school. Here are six preparational activities geared at getting those kids ready to enter the job market. They conduct research on various jobs, learn about choosing an employer, practice writing a resume and cover letter, and conduct mock interviews. A practical, applicable, and purposeful lesson.
Setting goals, career exploration, and self-awareness are three major components found on the path to college. A wide variety of wonderful teaching tools are provided to help you facilitate an understanding of how simple it can be to plan out an academic career. Planning cards, charts, activity procedures, and web links makes this a handy resource, focused on getting your class ready for college.

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