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Analyze community issues and design a theme-based project to meet community needs. They plan, set goals, problem solve, make decisions, and practice interpersonal communication while working on this project. They develop a timeline for activities in the project and set a date for implementation of the community service project.
Polling is an important aspect of research. Here's a skill-building activity that models for pollsters how to poll and how to analyze the results. After reading an annotated text that presents arguments for and against mandatory community service, individuals use a provided matrix to poll classmates and to record these informed opinions on the question. The seventh in a series of 24 discussion and debate skill-building activities.
Students create an informational campaign for a school or community need. In this community service instructional activity, students pick a cause to create a PowerPoint presentation on. They also need a project outline, written summary, logo, letterhead, brochure, and newspaper ad.
Students investigate the importance of community service by creating their own project ideas.  In this volunteering lesson, students research stories of Peace Corps Volunteers and how they were able to have a positive effect in their community.  Students create and share ideas which they could perform in a community to help others.
Eleventh graders brainstorm the failures of government, work in a small group to design and construct a visual exhibition of the on-going development of our American democratic government, and list areas that students themselves could do community service work
Young scholars explore community service.  In this character development and community lesson, students sing a song based on the fable The Lion and the Mouse. Young scholars participate in a discussion about kindness, and generate ideas for community service projects in which they might demonstrate kindness.
Students read books to discover the importance of friendship, teamwork, and community service. After reading the book, they discuss conflict resolution strategies. Students discuss healthy eating food pyramids. They write an essay about role model.
Community service is the basis for a project based learning experience. Your class participates in four weekly activities that require them to research community issues and contribute their time and talent to assist those in need. This is what I call community, collaboration, and great learning.
Students participate in a community service project. In this ELL lesson, students complete a project while the teacher takes photos. The students use these photos in a bulletin board. 
Give back to your learners for giving back to their community. At an awards ceremony or on any day of the week, you can hand out certificates for community service. This document is editable, so feel free to personalize the award with a student name, the date, and your name and title.
Students talk about and grow in their understanding of the important role our troops play, and the important role citizens play in keeping up our troops' morale. They involve themselves in community service by writing letters for, or gathering things to send to, our troops.
Students begin the lesson by discussing what type of project they are interested in and how much time can be devoted. They also discuss why it is important to focus on the community and are introduced to the criteria to implement the project. After the project is complete, they discuss as a class their reflections and what could have been done differently.
Students explore and take postions on the concept of mandatory community service. They then debate the issue in class as a learning model.
Students participate in an activity that will allow them to create a gift for a nursing home patient and give their gift to someone who needs a caring hand. For this community service lesson, students learn compassion, and also understand the feeling of community, by doing for others. Journaling after the activity would allow for assessment of what the student experienced.
Students create a community service advertising campaign that raises awareness about the importance of keeping trash out of the marine ecosystem. They work in teams to create different ad campaigns geared toward particular target audiences.
Students define service learning and reflect on the purpose of the Global Youth Service Day. For this service learning lesson, students discuss and define service learning projects and the role youth has in their community. Students write their personal views on service and watch a movie about the topic.
Learners explore services in their community. In this community services lesson, students discuss community services and work in teams to list the jobs within the service. Learners may also shadow a worker from that community service area.
Students explore examples of community service events across the world. They discuss the "Hands Across America" campaign, a project to assist a community with their economy through the use of a science project, and a project where students work to clean up the environment. As a class, students determine methods to assist others while learning.
Students develop a community service project. In this service project lesson, students identify a concern within their community, set a goal, from a plan, and carryout a service project using the project guidelines.
Pupils participate in a community service project and present an art project.  In this lesson on community service, students read Rainbow Fish and discuss its meaning for them as it relates to community. Pupils create an art project to represent their service and present it to the class. All activities are related to Biblical principles.

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