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Students tudents examine the influence and power of media mergers by studying the Space Jam cross-marketing phenomenon. The lesson begins with a discussion about the film Space Jam, with students responding to an article by Naomi Klein about the movie.
Students conduct a webquest on an energy source they chose. For this physics lesson, students design an experiment to determine the factors affecting potential and kinetic energy. They calculate speed and create distance vs. time graphs.
Students write persuasive speeches to recruit soldiers for a Civil War company. In this Civil War U.S. history and writing instructional activity, students work in groups to create a recruiting poster and write a speech to persuade soldiers to join their company. Students role play a military position as they gain and lose company members.
Students investigate community endowments. In this service learning lesson, students explore the function of grants within communities and write a grant application.
Students are introduced to the concept of thermodynamics. In groups, they participate in experiments in which they discover how potential energy converts into kinetic energy. They use the internet to research the components of a combustion engine and explain the four-stroke combustion cycle. They use all of their information to create a Science Fair project.
Students read various novels and articles about the contributions of the Wright Brothers. Individually, they are tested on their comprehension of the material and discuss. In groups, they research the role of the people in their life and the mechanics of flight. They determine how work by other people such as Da Vinci and Langley helped make this dream of flying a reality.
Learners analyze antitrust enforcement. For this American economics lesson, students listen to their instructor present a lecture regarding the details of the free market system and antitrust laws. Learners respond to discussion questions pertaining the lecture and participate in an classroom activity.
Students explore commercial space exploration. In this space lesson plan, students research NASA's proposal to utilize private companies for their space missions. Students view video segments on NASA public -private space flight partnerships, then present a sales pitch to the class, as if they were a commercial company. This lesson plan includes many interesting resources.
Learners outline the major events in the history of Onondaga Lake. They identify the parties involved in the events of Onondaga Lake. Students determine the sources of pollution that impacted Onondaga lake. They outline the major land uses of the area around Onondaga Lake. Learners identify the impacts, both positive and negative, each form of land use had on the Onondaga Lake area.
Learners study classical music and learn about competitions as well as musical careers. In this music study lesson, students read about the Klein String Competition and the importance of competitions in shaping musical careers. Learners listen to classical music pieces and analyze the pieces. Students review music terminology, research the history of the violin family, and write a short report about the topic.
Eleventh graders explore the reasons for migration to California during the Gold Rush.  In this American History activity, 11th graders read letters about the opportunities and obstacles people faced.  Students create a map of migration during the Gold Rush. 
Seventh graders examine different pieces of Dutch Art. They identify its social and political meanings by using cultural and historical information. They examine maps of the time period as well.
Students examine techniques to represent data. In this data analysis lesson, students read about various ways to represent data, such as a stem and leaf diagram and calculating standard deviation. Students complete data analysis questions on a worksheet.
Students develop business plans. For this e-business lesson, students follow the provided outline to write a business plan proposal.
Seventh graders research the links between Texas and U.S. history. They explore their ties to the Progressive Era and World War I. Students analyze one of the main themes of economics. They view why migration and the Mexican Revolution's impact in international politics overwhelmed all involved.