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Students practice map making. In this map skills lesson, students explore three kinds of compasses: compass, Compass Rose, and compass as a math tool. After completing research, students design their own compass rose. 
Sixth graders are introduced to the concepts of a compass rose and how it used in relationship to reading maps in geography. The lesson is meant to build upon prior knowledge and skills.
Second graders practice navigating around their neighborhood by utilizing a compass.  In this geography lesson plan, 2nd graders view a compass rose, discover the purpose of it, and utilize it to navigate through a printed map of their neighborhood.  Students complete the map worksheet and share their results with the class.
Second graders explore geography by completing a mapping activity in class. For this directional lesson, 2nd graders examine a map in class and utilize a compass rose to identify their location and destination. Students write directions to a classmate in order to navigate properly and complete a compass rose worksheet.
Keep it simple and visual when practicing directions using this compass rose labeling worksheet. Learners fill in the compass themselves, using cardinal and intermediate direction abbreviations. Consider using their compass on a map to create more investment in making it visually appealing. Allow learners to color it in and make it their own!
Second and third graders practice with basic map skills. They create their own map including a legend and a compass rose. This fabulous plan has many excellent websites linked which allow learners to explore maps of all kinds; including aerial photos of their own locations. A wonderful educational resource!
Students explore nautical charts used for navigation. In this marine navigation lesson plan, students determine distance and direction between features on nautical charts, they identify obstacles and they identify characteristics of common aid to navigation. Students answer 12 questions using a nautical chart. They transfer the angle of a line to another point using parallel rules and drafting triangles in order to determine direction using a compass rose.
First graders identify and describe landforms. They demonstrate an understanding of the compass rose and a map key using the trail of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. They generate a map key.
Second graders explore the compass rose and North - East - South - West.
Second graders explore the concept of making a map.  In this map making lesson, 2nd graders discover how to create a map.  Students must include correct symbols, a compass rose, and a map key. 
Students follow directions on a worksheet to follow directions on a map of the United States and Territories of the United States. For this directions worksheet, students use a compass rose and learn the directions.
Students read Blackbeard and brainstorm their knowledge of maps. In this language arts and geography lesson, students use landmarks on their playground to review north, south, east and west and discuss the compass rose. Students read This is an Island and draw their own island, including a compass rose, legend, title and hidden treasure. 
First graders identify the map and globe symbols: Cardinal Directions; Compass Rose; Mountains; Rivers; Lakes; Towns; Roads.
Second graders identify a map, symbol, key, and compass rose. Students create and print a map for teacher evaluation using the computer. Students identify the symbols on their map and orally present them to the class.
Students are introduced to several elements of a map including map titles, keys and the compass rose. They discuss the design of the Louisiana quarter and follow a worksheet to interpret and label a map of the fifty states.
Third graders search TDC database for images of a compass rose, a miles marker, and a US map. They identify cardinal and intermediate directions to help identify their state and other states on a US map.
First graders sing "We All Live Together," by Greg and Steve. They look at a map and sing the "Soggy Waffle Song" to study about the compass rose. Students write N, E, S, W on the borders of paper that goes under a 100's chart. The teacher gives directions starting with the one square such as move three spaces south...
Students make birds-eye view maps and place the compass rose on the map.
First graders review the places that Flat Stanley has visited between October and March. They identify places Flat Stanley has visited on U.S. and World Maps. They create a bubble map that represents where he visited, the direction of the location from the compass rose, and one fun thing he did. They discuss their maps with their small groups.
Students are introduced to maps, how directions on a map correspond with 'real' life directions, and how symbols on a map represent real things. After reading "Peter Pan" students go on a treasure hunt using maps and a Compass Rose to find the location of the treasure.

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