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Fourth and fifth graders try their hand at persuasive writing. They listen to well-written persuasive articles so they can get a sense of what good persuasive writing is. Then, they brainstorm topics they'd like to write about and are given an excellent persuasive writing organizer worksheet which is embedded in the plan. This organizer is top-notch, and will help your charges organize their thoughts and come up with a plan to write a terrific persuasive essay. The lesson should be a hit with your kids because they get to write about something that's very important to them.
Emerging writers observe and demonstrate the process of writing an essay. As a class, they read and discuss the writing steps, read a sample essay, and write an outline for a three-paragraph essay. Then they write a final version of their essay and present it to the class.
Middle schoolers practice drafting an essay and learn the steps in order to process write. They compose an essay from beginning to end. Also they work on social skills throughout the lesson with the use of peer editing.
Are your learners working towards their GED? First they study the GED essay rubric, and then they read a sample essay as a group. After studying the basic elements, they write an essay of their own. After peer editing, they revise their writing. 
In this essay writing activity, students are given several prompts to assist them in creating an outline for an essay on The Outsiders.
Students outline their ideas for an essay. In this essay writing lesson plan, students write a list of ideas, then pick one to outline, and eventually write their essay.
In this persuasive essay writing worksheet, students write a persuasive essay using the 6 tips listed at the top of the sheet. Students should also use a graphic organizer to plan their writing.
The multi-paragraph essay is the subject of a presentation designed for high schoolers. Color codes are used to highlight for viewers the different elements found in each paragraph. Unlike some presentations, the same essay is used throughout to illustrate how the various elements work together to produce a coherent whole. If using the presentation as a review, class members could be asked to critique the essay. Also included are two practice exercises.
Pupils reflect upon how Transcendentalism focuses on individualism. From their belief that God was within every person to their steadfast belief that every man should make decisions based on personal moral values, individualism was stressed in their lives. Thoreau and Emerson wrote extensively on what it means to be an individual, what it means to conform, and how difficult nonconformity is.
Here is a comprehensive stereochemistry exam for advanced chemistry kids. In the 101 problems, there are short answer, multiple choice, and drawing questions. Topics include chiral and achiral molecules, enantiomers and diastereomers, asymmetric carbons, meso compounds, and more! Hopefully it contains everything that you would want to assess. 
Narrative essay writing is the focus of a series of exercises that model for learners how to not only read a narrative, but how to also examine the techniques fiction writers use to create a setting, develop their characters, representaction, and establish a theme. Class members listen to examples from Grapes of Wrath, Tillie Olsen’s “I Stand Here Ironing,” and Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief, and then respond to question about the selections. Step-by-step directions for the various activities, discussion questions, and a resource list are included in the richly detailed plan.
Equip your high school writers for the rigors of timed persuasive writing by employing the preparatory ideas available in this exercise. Learners use persuasive essays, provided by the educator, to acquire how to identify persuasive writing, and determine what side they would support in a given argument. They dissect the essays, and place their findings on the provided worksheet. Their responses include when and where each side used logos, pathos, and ethos, and how it contributed to persuasion; essential skills for today's writing curriculum.  
In this writing organizer, students write short answers to a set of questions in order to prepare to write a set of instructions or a procedure, 6 questions total.
Second graders investigate common Ohio animals by creating a list of seasonal behaviors. They conduct research fo find changes in appearance and behaviors of common Ohio animals and compare the behaviors during the four seasons by creating a four-sided, three-dimensional model. Each side of the model represents a different season and shows how the animal changes as a result of the seasonal change.
Integrate this essay-writing contest into your high school classroom to develop writing skills and encourage international study.
In this set of book review/comprehension activity on The House on Mango Street, students complete 8 worksheets about various aspects of the novel. Each activity consists of short answer questions and 1 essay writing assignment.
Students write a autobiographical expressive essay. In this essay writing lesson, student brainstorm autobiographical experiences for an essay. They complete an attached worksheet about "Writing From Experience."
Students write a paragraph predicting what the book is about after viewing the front cover. They are given a copy of the Story Parts Maps, students are explained each story part. Students are explained that they most take notes on the Story Parts Map. They are asked to copy in list form the vocabulary words from the book.
High schoolers begin with a journal entry on the topic "Why does Ralph Waldo Emerson advocate self-reliance?" They listen to Gavin Degraw's "I Want to Be." Students write their interpretation of the song. High schoolers write an essay about Liars and Imposters.
Introducing your class to essay writing? The gentle tone, concise explanations, and clear examples provided by a 17-slide presentation introduces young writers to the expository essay format. All that's missing is a complete essay with the various parts labeled.

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