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Students review the concept of populations. In this Biology lesson plan, students will work with a partner to talk through what they remember from the unit on populations. The class will then begin to work through a concept map as a way to organize what was talked about with their partners. This acts as the test review for the Populations Unit Test.
Students research and write about the pencil. They organize the research using concept maps and write an essay using the writing process.
Students study an article on drugs in their society.  In this investigative lesson students create their own concept map.
Students work to develop comprehension strategies. Through modeling they discover how to summarize a written passage by deleting unnecessary information and using clustering or concept mapping for the most important items or events. In groups, they do the same on their own.
First graders view and interact with a PowerPoint presentation on Community Helpers. They then use Inspiration to create a concept map about the helpers. Students then use a Microsoft Word trading card template to write about a community helper of their choice. They choose leaders from home, school, mayor, police officers, etc.
Learners infer the connection among humans, animals, and disease through the interpretation of concept maps. They are introduced to the idea of a connection human disease and the domestication of animals.
Seventh graders complete a Scavenger Hunt to find information about Ancient Egypt. They create a concept map using facts about assigned subtopics.
In this classifying matter instructional activity, students create a concept map to show the relationships between given terms such as elements, matter, substances and solutions.
In this mollusks and annelids concept map activity, students complete a concept map on the characteristics of invertebrates. They fill in 13 blanks using the correct word from the list.
In this animal science worksheet, learners complete a concept map on the features of animals. They fill in 12 blanks with the correct words from the list.
In this marine science learning exercise, students complete a concept map on the different types of fish. They fill in 8 blanks with the correct answer from the word list.
For this biology worksheet, students complete a concept map about birds. They fill in 7 blanks with the correct terminology from the word list.
In this science project worksheet, 9th graders draw a concept map of their science project and use a rubric to determine their progress on their concept map.
In this evolution concept map worksheet, 7th graders use the vocabulary terms related to evolution to complete the evolution concept map.
In this biochemistry worksheet, students complete a concept map using 12 vocabulary words showing the characteristics of organic compounds.
In this biology activity, students complete a concept map on viruses. They fill in 9 blanks with the correct terminology from the word list.
In this biology learning exercise, students complete the concept map using terminologies provided. They fill in 12 blanks with the correct answer.
Viewers can follow step-by-step instructions to create a personal concept map. Consider replacing the models with your own information. A rubric is also included.
In this Louisiana musical landscape instructional activity, students utilize a blank concept map in order to organize information they have learned about groups, communities, musicians, and music.
In this project worksheet, students are given a rubric to asses their concept map and their four question strategy completed for their science project.

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