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Students explore language arts by participating in poetry writing activities. In this conflict management lesson, students discuss the emotions that they feel when being teased and discussed. Students read a Maya Angelou poem titled "Still I Rise" and answer study questions about the content.
Young scholars are introduced to the views on sexuality in the United States. In groups, they research data from five countries and compare them with the United States. Using the information, they develop reasons why the teenage pregnancy rate is higher in the US than other countries. To end the lesson, they compare and contrast the negative and positive images they view about sexuality on a daily basis.
Learners participate in Justice Circles. In this conflict resolution lesson, students determine how to use Justice Circles to resolve conflict. Learners role play situations using the process and then analyze the scenarios.
Young scholars perform fundamental movement activities for flexibility and motor skills. In this movement lesson plan, students perform physical activity for all grade levels.
Students consider warnings signs of possible school violence and create scenarios that demonstrate how violence might be averted. They generate a guidebook to help students confront violence before it happens.
Tenth graders research Nuclear Energy and Radioactivity, how is this form of energy used for the good of mankind in solving the energy crisis and the hazardous aspect of using this form of energy. They cooperatively work in groups to create a report which is presented and evaluated by classmates.
Students compose 5 steps in order to help them resolve problems and reduce anger. They listen to 5 steps to problem solving presented by the teacher and then write their own 5 steps based on some of the ideas from the teacher.
Students practice interviewing skills. It is particularly geared toward those students facing competitive scholarship interviews.
Students participate in a discussion and hands-on activity to demonstrate the importance of clear communication to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.
Students study important Michigan based philanthropists. They examine how philanthropy, especially within the United Way, has helped their own community and write school based public service announcements to share this information. They discover similar information about other area although this lesson plan is focused on Michigan.
Students practice justice circle procedures. In this conflict resolution lesson, students review the procedures for using Justice Circles and then role play resolving the conflict scenarios they are given. 
Students improve understanding of the concept of self-awareness by differentiating the internal from the external world. They develop a vocabulary to describe feelings and to understand the uniqueness and variations of people's inner experiences.
Students, through discussion, internet and video resources, study the history of Northern Ireland and the religious segregation between Catholics and Protestants. They evaluate the current political situation and predict what the future might hold for the region.

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