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In this conjunctions worksheet, students read about conjunctions and then take a multiple choice quiz on them. Students complete 10 questions.
In this conjunctions instructional activity, students underline the conjunctions in 20 sentences and write two sentences in using conjunctions.
What is a conjunction? Read the section introducing conjunctions with your young learners. There are three short activities before a review section. This is a great resource for your emerging grammarians. 
In this listening worksheet, 6th graders listen to a biography of Russell Crowe and answer questions. Students fill in missing words in a transcript of the podcard. A full transcript is also included.
Cover the deceptively difficult grammar topic of conjunctions and interjections with your class. After reviewing the provided definitions and examples of interjections and several different kinds of conjunctions, pupils will complete five exercises. Exercises require pupils to identify conjunctions and interjections as well as use them in writing. Because this resource is formatted with five separate exercises, it would be perfect to use as a daily warm-up, completing one exercise a day. Note: This resource is part of a series. 
Part of a series of worksheets that offers young grammarians practice identifying and using the parts of speech, the focus here is on conjunctions. Coordinating, subordinating, and correlative are all featured in the exercises.
In an engaging writing lesson, your class will define conjunctions. The teacher models how to join two sentences on the board, and the whole group practices orally completing sentences with provided conjunctions.
Show your writers how to use simple, compound, and complex sentences to add variety to writing. In addition, examples show how to employ semicolons and coordinating conjunctions to combine sentences. Colorful illustrations and graphics highlight the principles presented.
Complete exercises for conjunctions in this conjunctions instructional activity. Middle schoolers work in pairs to combine sample sentences. They analyze the conjunctions and choose one to help them rewrite the sentences. Additionally, they may complete other related activities that range in difficulty level.
For this conjunctive adverb worksheet, students underline conjunctive adverbs, fill in punctuation for sentences that use conjunctive adverbs, fill in blanks in sentences with conjunctive adverbs and determine whether sentences are punctuated correctly.
In this conjunctions worksheet, 4th graders read a one page selection about conjunctions and answer 10 multiple choices questions.
Compound sentences and conjunctions are the focus of this language arts worksheet. Learners answer short answer 12 questions about compound and complex sentences. The questions ask pupils to recall concepts and vocabulary related to compound and complex sentences as well as compose their own sentences.
Looking for grammar activities for your elementary or middle school class? Watch a video to review the parts of speech. Groups create posters, songs, or advertisements to illustrate the parts of speech and then reteach them to their classmates.
In this online quiz worksheet, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about subordinating conjunctions. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
Nine lessons in a grammar and usage unit provide endless opportunities for drill and practice. Topics include the four types of sentences, subject and predicates, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs and prepositions, conjunctions and interjections, as well as capitalization and punctuation. The scripted unit includes a culminating activity, handouts, worksheets, a bibliography, and an assessment.  
An introduction to the basic parts of speech, this worksheet provides two pages of definitions and examples for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. On the third page young grammarians must complete a 10 questions exercise. The exercise consists of sentences with underlined words to be identified as one of the perviously discussed parts of speech. An answer key is also provided.
In this grammar worksheet, students will read a phrase and select a conjunction (and, or, but, because, so) before adding a second phrase to complete the sentence.
Display for your class five easy ways to fix run-on sentences. The color-coded slides show how to use punctuation, independent and dependent clauses, coordinating conjunctions, etc. to rectify run-on errors.  The presentation could be used as a mini-lesson during the editing phase of the writing process. 
Teach your kids about FANBOYS! Coordinating conjunctions, or FANBOYS, join two independent clauses to make a compound sentence, but don't forget the comma! Review this popular comma rule, and give your learners this short worksheet. An answer sheet is also provided.
Students examine the role of conjunctions in the English language. They discuss how conjunctions are used, observe a teacher demonstration, and complete various worksheets related to conjunctions.

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