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Young readers practice their beginning consonant sounds. Solid worksheets prompt students to practice their consonant in fun ways. These worksheets use Clifford the Big Red Dog as a theme, and give the kids excellent and colorful practice.
Readers practice reading words with the same letter sound to connect those letters and sounds. They recognize beginning consonant sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights select words. They also construct a story by actively choosing words, use picture clues to aid comprehension, and match beginning consonant sounds.
Hone those musical ears to identify consonance and dissonance in music being played live or on a recording. Learners will work through four activities where they will listen to consonant and dissonant notes being played first by the teacher, then via recording. The concepts are then applied as they compose a piece using both consonant and dissonant tones. Suggestions are included for every grade.
Use consonant digraphs to introduce learners to word patterns and high frequency words. They observe a chart with the digraphs /sh/, /ch/, /th/, and /wh/. After listening to each of these phonemes, scholars watch as the teacher categorizes single-syllable words into the chart based on their initial digraphs. Scaffolding is key here; once kids have watched and listened, they practice in a guided setting. The chart and words are provided for printing, but consider projecting them for demonstration.
For this reading worksheet, students discover the vowel and consonant pattern in the following six words: pig, cat, dog, hen, and sun. Students write their pattern in a chart.
Students practice with consonants. In this writing activity, students complete a variety of activities practicing consonants including naming consonants, producing the sound of consonants and identifying the color used for the consonant.
Explore the concept of initial consonant sounds with emergent readers. They read words and recognize the initial consonant sounds. They also use picture clues to enhance their comprehension and match initial sounds.
Students practice reading words with the consonant blend -ft. In this phonics activity, students play a memory game and decode various words with the -ft ending.
Students blend sounds together to form consonant/vowel/consonant words to create their list.
In this consonant rule vocabulary learning exercise, students write the new words as "definition clues" are given by the teacher, unscramble the new words, and use words in sentences that show meaning. Worksheet has 4 sets of 7 words each, same activities for all sets. Link given for "definition clues."
In this double letter consonants activity, students solve a puzzle, finding a set of words with double consonants ending with "le." An answer key is included.
First graders identify consonants and vowels in various words from stories they have read. They examine the consonant/vowel word pattern.
Now that your scholars know the alphabet, make sure they understand that not all letters are the same! Explore the difference between vowels and consonants...not to mention that pesky y. Learners say the alphabet out loud and observe vowel and consonant caterpillars (consider making these for the classroom). They practice recognizing each by marking 15 words with either a v or c based on the first letter, middle letter, and last letter.
Games are great for reinforcing key skill sets and providing fun practice. Here are two games complete with printable materials and instructions. Children will play consonant digraph Jeopardy and digraph concentration using the same set of digraph cards. These games will be fun for the whole class and can be modified to suit your learners' needs
Consonant blends at the end of words are shown in this video. The ending is shown first, then other letters jump onto the screen to form a word. A female voice reads all the letters, sounds, and words.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students match the pictures of 5 objects to the appropriate consonant clusters. The consonant blends include fl, tr, sk, sl, gl.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students match the pictures of 5 objects to the appropriate consonant clusters. The consonant blends include br, st, sn, fr, and sw.
Students practice reading words with the same letter sounds in a Clifford Interactive Storybook. Working in pairs, students complete a sentence on every page and then work on sound match.
In this consonant blends activity, students match the pictures of 4 objects to the appropriate consonant clusters featured in the words that represent them.
In this initial consonant blend sounds worksheet, 1st graders look at four pictures and write the missing consonant blends to spell each word correctly.

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