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Your class members will each explore a European country of their choice and report back to the class using a creative PowerPoint or Prezi. They will not only include a basic introduction to the country, but also what they discovered about the country's culture, customs, people, and major landmarks.
Students identify countries on a world map. In this map skills lesson, students define the word "country" and use post-it notes to locate several countries on a world map.
In these national anthems worksheets, students read the general information and the anthems for the countries of the United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Zambia, Great Britain, Chile, Ethiopia, Korea, New Zealand, Greece, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Australia, and Tonga. Students also read the Olympic Hymn.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the chart that includes details about the population in 44 landlocked countries. Students identify the names of the countries in 5 minutes.
Fifth graders make reports on Anglophone countries and report to the class.  In this Anglophone countries report students take note of presented material.  Students answer questions related to the reports. students write a culminating project about the country they would most like to visit.
American Government students will appreciate the clear review in this worksheet after learning about the principles of government. Ten questions challenge students to consider the rights of sovereign states, as well as the social contract theory of the origin of the states.
Read the article "Bush Lays Out Goals for Iraq: Self-Rule and Stability" and examine the keys points from President Bush's speech. Whether presented in written text or as an audio bite students will work in groups to research world dictators and analyze presented information. They  apply this information and write an analysis of what they believe might happen to Iraq when it becomes a sovereign state.
An ambitious geography lesson is geared toward kindergartners. They discover what the differences are between states and countries. They look at maps of Arkansas, and learn what the shapes and lines mean. Additionally, they create a State of Arkansas necklace to finish things up. Everything you need to implement the lesson is included in this fine plan.
Explore world geography by creating presentations for different countries around the world. Researchers identify many different countries on a globe and select one for which they will create a presentation. They share their research and illustrations of their chosen country with the class.
Students explore geographic information. For this geography and technology lesson, students choose a county and answer related questions on a Webquest. Students create a word web and design a country brochure.
In this country comparison worksheet, students complete the graphic organizer that requires them to respond to 7 questions that address 2 Balkan nations that they choose to compare.
Support the growth of your emergent readers with this printable version of the classic fable "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse." Including supporting illustrations and simple dialogue, this story is perfect for developing the fluency of second and third graders.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students respond to 20 identification questions about the economies of countries in the world. Students have 4 minutes to complete the quiz.
Students define the meaning of the word country. In this countries of the world map lesson, students identify boundaries, countries, and symbols within countries on the map. Students distinguish the words country and continent.
How much do your learners know about Francophone countries? Invite pupils to research different countries and teach one another about the different regions though a brochure and presentation. French language learners can work together or with a partner to research a  country, put together a brochure with images and words, and present the information to the whole class. Useful materials are included.
Seventh graders, while brainstorming, compare/contrast statistics about different countries concerning population growth and religion. They assess a variety of media to include in their statistics. In the end, their studies guide them to appreciate the contributions and respect diversity that all countries make to the world daily.
Students examine artwork by Thomas Hart Benton. In this interdisciplinary lesson plan, students analyze the painting The Sources of Country Music, listen to folk music, and examine how recording technology and the movies shaped the images of country style music.
In this online interactive geography quiz activity, students examine the chart that includes 20 languages. Students identify the names of the countries with the greatest number of native speakers in 4 minutes.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the chart that includes details about 20 world regions. Students identify the names of the countries where the regions are located in 4 minutes.
For this online interactive country flag quiz worksheet, students examine the 20 pictured country flags and try to name all of the countries represented in 4 minutes.