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Tenth graders discuss the events leading up to antisemitic behavior in Europe during World War II. Through various activities, 10th graders acquaint themselves with the political ideology of Nazism and assess responsibility for the Holocaust. Materials to complete this unit are included.
High schoolers examine the difference between "news" of earlier periods, and "news" as we know it today. They then go out into the school common areas and analyze news from the perspective of word-of-mouth storys and discuss what they can learn from the experience about what was news and how it traveled in the past.
Tenth graders examine the role of Jewish Americans in the 1900s. They examing the changes in industry and inventions. They also identify how Jewish Americans changed society and religious organization.
The Righteous Among the Nations are non-Jews who risked their lives during the holocaust to save Jews in countries under Nazi rule. Class groups examine the criteria for being named to this group and then must decide, based on the provided documents, whether Oskar Schindler is worthy of this award. The plan also includes suggestions for how to include excerpts from the film “Schindler’s List.”
Here's a pretty comprehensive lesson on the polka. There is information on the origins of the polka and the history of Oktoberfest. There is even a list of how to count to ten in Polish, Czech, and German. Include or skip whatever you choose in presenting this lesson on the polka. The steps to performing the polka are written out and better yet, there is a video that shows a group of college students performing the dance.
Students engage in shared verbal and written reflections about ethnic traditions. They study fairy tales of the Caribbean and the repeating patterns or themes used in folktales and fairy tales. They discuss similarities and differences among the various versions read prior to this lesson plan.
Students participate in a lesson that is concerned with the subject of Poland. They conduct research to find information and answer targeted questions. The unit plan has questions prepared for each day.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students respond to 18 identification questions about airports that have been named for famous people. Students have 4 minutes to complete the quiz.
In this English test worksheet, students fill in the blanks in sentences with the correct word. Students complete 20 multiple choice questions.  

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