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Students examine online objects from the Smithsonian website and use them as subjects and inspiration for creative writing exercises.
Students explore creative writing. Students select pictures from old magazines. In groups, students receive a folder containing pictures. They create a story based upon the pictures given.
Here's a fresh approach that combines research, business and personal letter writing, and creative story telling. Student groups research different decades in the life of a famous Japanese astronomer. They then craft a decade fact sheet, business and personal letters, and a character sketch. Although the writing activities focus on the life of Yuji Hyakuatake, the discoverer of a comet, any famous person could be substituted.
Fifth graders write poetry using imagery and practice poetry presentation. In this poetry lesson, 5th graders listen as the teacher reads a humorous poem using different voice modulations and presentation techniques. They discuss the presentation before writing and presenting their original poems.
In this creative writing worksheet, students work in a group to complete the four creative writing prompts. The prompts focus on imaginary situations.
Young scholars examine critical role that slaves, freemen, and plebeians played in the Roman Empire. They complete creative writing that addresses how the Roman class system and the use of slavery contributed to the downfall of the Roman Empire.
Students create their own super-heroes with original names, powers, abilities, and appearances, and use them in an original story where the characters display their given characteristics.
Eleventh graders create an illustrated historical fiction paper written in the first person as if they lived in North Carolina during the time period from 1780-1800. They used the Eastern North Carolina Digital Library and a timeline of American history.
Students are divided into groups and listen to the teacher talk about John Hancock while they mentally conjure up a make up story of this historical figure.  In this creative writing lesson plan, students practice creative ideas by orally speaking about them and sharing them. Students then listen to the teacher read the book about John Hancock and listen to the author's personality traits on John Hancock
Students analyze the characteristics of technical writing and identify its differences with creative writing. They write step-by-step instructions for using a mouse trap.
Pupils explore their feelings about the United States' invasion of Iraq. Using newspaper headlines and articles as a starting point, students express their emotions through creative writing.
Students participate in a poetry and prose reading of their original work.  In this creative writing instructional activity, students write poems, fiction, and non-fiction to present in an individual performance.  Students work in groups to prepare a coffee house style public reading.
In this group writing worksheet, students collaborate with others to write a creative story about scientists. Students have 25 minutes to write a story using the 9 words in the box.
In this creative writing learning exercise, students use the given picture to write a creative story. Students use the details provided about the character and setting of the story and incorporate them into their writing.
Students explore language arts by participating in a creative writing class activity. In this poetry lesson, students identify the word play, acrostic and alphabet style of poetry. Students create a poem in each form to celebrate National Poetry Month.
In this creative group writing worksheet, students have twenty-five minutes to write a brief story about planet Earth using the words listed in the word bank.
Students view art images of Norman Rockwell's family traditions and celebrations. They search the internet for information, and complete reflective and creative writing and sketch assignments. Students recognize and name emotions shown in the illustrations.
In this Japan writing worksheet, students collaborate with a group to write a story about Japan. Students have 25 minutes to complete the story that needs to use the 16 words in the box.
In this creative writing worksheet, students write a story about the clip art picture of a green alien in a space vehicle which is pictured at the top of the page. They concentrate on including adjectives to make the story as interesting as possible.
Students display knowledge of historical facts regarding the American Flag as they use creative writing skills.