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In this currency learning exercise, learners circle the currency for twenty-nine different countries in a word search puzzle. Students discuss their answers with each other.
In this currency worksheet, students circle the currency from twenty-four different countries within a word search puzzle. Students share their answers with their classmates.
In this currency activity, students circle the currency for twenty different countries within a crossword puzzle. Students share their answers with their classmates.
In this language arts and social studies worksheet, students complete a word search puzzle. Students analyze 21 words which are names of foreign currencies and find them in the word grid.
In this currency activity, students circle the currency for twenty-one different world countries within a crossword puzzle. Students share their answers with their classmates.
In this currency worksheet, students unscramble the world countries in the middle of the three columns. Students print the country on each line provided in the third column.
In this world currency learning exercise, students read a list of 30 countries and the name of the money used there. Students find the name of the currencies in a word search puzzle.
In this social studies learning exercise, students examine a word bank with the names of 15 world currencies. Students match the currency with the country where it is used.
In this math and social studies worksheet students locate names of currencies from several countries in a word search. Students write the names of the currencies in alphabetical order.
In this economics activity, students find the words that are related to world currencies. The answers are found at the bottom of the page.
In this research skills worksheet, students match the name of the currencies that are listed in a word bank at the top of the page, with the names of the 15 countries that are listed.
Upper elementary and middle school learners explore currencies from a variety of countries. They use the Internet, video, and engage in hands-on activities. They practice converting U.S. currency to foreign currency and vice versa. This incredibly-thorough plan has worksheets, video, and resource links embedded in it. Fantastic!
Students calculate currency exchanges for various currencies including U.S. Dollars, Deutschmarks, and Euros. They describe the advantages and disadvantages of using a single currency within a group of several countries.
Emerging consumers recognize the types and denominations of U.S. currency. They listen to a guest speaker (if possible) and view a video.  They create their own money using styrofoam and a toothpick for engraving. Consider creating a marketplace for them to use their created coins! You could sell pencils, small treats, bathroom passes, etc. 
Fourth graders compare present time and long ago to New England banking.  In this banking lesson, 4th graders go on a money scavenger hunt and identify the money found.  Students find differences and similarities in currency.  Students create their own money. 

New Review Keep the Currency

Each day, people throw currency away in different ways because of a lack of financial knowledge. Introduce your learners to the importance of financial literacy and assess their understanding of banking and personal finance.
In this math or social studies worksheet, students connect the name of eleven countries with the name of their currency. They write the name of the country beside the type of currency. Students identify their currency and make a pencil rubbing of a coin.
In this world currency worksheet, students read the name of a currency and analyze a scrambled country next to it. Students unscramble the name of the country that uses each currency.
In this word scramble worksheet, students unscramble the country names and the use currency as clues to which country is listed. Students complete ten problems.
Students explore the traditions related to the creation of national currencies. The role currency plays in shaping a national or regional identity and the influences that the designers of world currency exert are examined in this instructional activity.

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