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Expression, current events, and art can go hand-in-hand. After analyzing a multi-media piece entitled, Trade Canoe for Don Quixote, the class explores their own expressive process. They create collages that show a current event or issue from multiple or cross-curricular perspectives. 
You can use current events to increase student understanding of both science concepts and language arts skills.
Before incorporating current events into your classroom, make sure your learners are informed and critical readers! Compare events as presented by an African and American media source, and help your class understand the impact of bias and perspective in the texts they read.
Pupils investigate the current events and how the media reports them. They interpret information and determine the likelihood of its accuracy. Sections strengthen geography skills while investigating portions of the world experiencing the most hardship.
Teaching current events can be an amazingly-rewarding part of your teaching week. This resource presents twenty-five ways to incorporate current events into your curriculum. It offers some outstanding ideas, such as providing your learners with a list of things they must find on the front page of a newspaper.
Young scholars research current events and simulate a newscast of a current news story. They watch the evening news and write a summary of a story of interest, conduct Internet research and complete a worksheet on a current event, and videotape a newsreport of a story.
Sixth graders are introduced to how to search for currents events. Using the internet, they discover where to locate and interpret them. They complete a current events exploration worksheet and answer specific questions related to the articles.
Students take a closer look at world events. In this current events instructional activity, students discuss the role of the newspaper throughout history. Students also discern which sources for news are credible and look at international newspapers online. Students select new stores and complete current event worksheets about them.
Students discuss recent currents events as a class. Using one of the events, they write a poem about how they feel about the event in question. They choose specific symbols that relate to event and write a poem about it as well. They share and discuss each poem with the class.
Students examine current events every week. Using the internet, they complete searches about specific events. In groups, they gather information to share with the class and discuss any opposing viewpoints.
Students read a recent article about the likelihood of a decrease or increase in prices of a specific consumer good. Using the Internet, they examine current events and make predictions about their effect on the economy. They write an essay expressing their thoughts and share it with the class.
Students discuss the current events affecting the country today. In groups, they relate a historical event to a current event. They research and present the point of view of a historical figure in an interesting way. They compare and contrast the events of the past affect the future.
Learners investigate world news and create a performance from their research.  In this current events instructional activity, students identify major political or news stories in the media and create a performance based on a character they will portray.  Learners perform their act in front of the class in order to spread the news.
Students read a newspaper thoroughly, choose one current event and write a short paragraph describing the event. The next day in class they play a scavenger hunt game looking for information about specfic stories in the newspaper.
Students record Current Events in a journal over the course of the semester to instill in them the importance of watching history unfold and use the Internet as the only resource to learn about the world around them.
Learners identify the 5 themes of geography as being location, place, human-environmental interaction, movement and region. They explain a current event from the perspective of each theme and their interrelationship..
Pupils analyze newspaper articles for the 5 themes of geography. They create a colorful portfolio explaining how each theme: location, place, etc. is relevant in a chosen current event.
Learners decide on a country to research as a class, keeping a list of the countries already being researched. Using the internet, they research the culture, climate and current events of the country. They end the lesson by compiling a list of websites where they gathered their information.
Learners research and identify philanthropic organizations involved in current events. In this current events lesson, students search newspaper articles for philanthropic organizations, such as the Red Cross, and how they are related to a current event. Learners identify the actions taken by the philanthropic organization.
Sixth graders explore current events and their location. They locate different countries on a map. Students diagram differences and similarities between countries. They match facts to appropriate countries.

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