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Pupils look at rural Mongolian nomadic culture through the eyes of a Peace Corps Volunteer and examine the dynamics of a people in transition. They give one important reason for migration from a rural to an urban setting and explain the lifestyle choices facing nomadic herders in Mongolia.
Students read an age-appropriate novel in which an island setting plays an important role from a provided list. This will help them understand life on an island. They will analyze the plot, theme, characterization, setting, and style of the book.
In this social studies worksheet, students examine the 8 names of famous people from Great Britain. Using Internet research or reference books, students list the famous Britons in the order in which they were born, starting with the earliest in history.
In this famous Britons worksheet, students put their research skills to use as they find the year that each British person listed was born. If students have extra time they should also find the year that each of the famous Britons died.
Identify and recognize elements of design and explore how art communicates ideas and feelings with young learners. They will use Guy Ben Ner's Treekhouse Kit to help identify and recognize elements of design including primary and secondary colors, different types of lines, geometric and organic shapes. They will also create a two-dimensional work communicating ideas or feelings and explain the choices they made during the creation process.
In this literature quiz 3 worksheet, students answer 20 trivia-style questions, not interactively, about literary works and characters, then scroll down to check their answers.
Students explore the symbolic implications for the concept of the hero with a focus on the Beowulf theme. In this hero concept lesson, students find specific examples of monsters from Beowulf to complete the chart. Students list the challenges from the story, read critical views of Beowulf, and complete an worksheet that gives modern day examples of Grendels and Beowulfs.
Who was Robinson Crusoe? Kids love learning about his interesting story. First, read the simple paragraphs with your learners, and have them answer the six questions provided. There's also space for your learners to record items Crusoe had on the ship, and there's a chart for them to record verbs used in the present tense. Two other short activities, focusing on retelling, close this lesson. Some of the text is written awkwardly. 
In this pronouns and perspectives worksheet, students underline all pronouns in short passages and tell whether they are written in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person.

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