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New Review Flag Fraction

Young mathematicians demonstrate their understanding of fractions and decimals as they investigate the flags of nations from around the world. Using the 10x10 grid provided on the accompanying worksheet, students draw a country's flag of their choosing and determine the fractions and decimals representing the proportion of each color in the design.
Middle schoolers solve and convert between integers. In this algebra instructional activity, students perform operations using decimals, fractions and percents. They relate these conversions to to the real world.
Students demonstrate how to add decimal fractions (tenths and hundredths) by using the jumping the number line strategy. They complete a variety of problems on a worksheet, attempting to solve them mentally, then recording the answers on paper.
In this decimal fractions worksheet, learners write the decimal fractions equivalent to word phrases. One example is completed, answers are included. Worksheet gives a reference web site for additional activities.
Sixth graders practice problem solving equations of fractions, ratios and proportions, addition and subtraction stage 6 as well as advanced additive. Emphasis is placed on decimal fractions and then they convert fractions to decimals.
In this percent-decimal-fraction worksheet, students complete a table where one component is given and they find the other two missing equivalent figures, a percent, a decimal or a fraction. The problems on this worksheet are at an 8th grade skill level, but are still necessary for college.
For this decimal fractions worksheet, students read about using the multiply or divide keys of a calculator to change decimal fractions, then use the add or subtract keys to complete a different set of problems.
In this decimal and fractions practice activity, learners respond to 8 questions that require them to record the decimals and fractions that are equivalent to the words.
For this multiplication of decimal fractions worksheet, 8th graders use the whole number multiplication fact given to work out the answers to three word problems. Students, in addition, estimate the answers to ten problems without using a calculator.
In this decimal fraction multiplication instructional activity, students read an explanation of rules, then solve 24 problems. Answers are included on page 2.
Students access prior knowledge of long division and multiplying decimals.  In this dividing decimals lesson, students view a demonstration of how to move decimals when dividing.  Students complete a dividing decimals worksheet. Students compare decimals to fractions.
Practice dividing decimals with your math class. They will review long division skills and review how to move the decimal place during division. Then they complete worksheets to demonstrate their comprehension of this skill.
Fifth graders practice a wide range of strategies for solving multiplication and division problems with whole numbers and decimal fractions. They interact with operations on decimals, relevant size and place value of decimals to three places and properties of operations with fractional numbers and integers.
Pupils review concepts of fractions as a transitions into learning to multiply decimals. In this multiplication of decimals worksheet, students complete guided practice worksheets with teacher direction.
Students demonstrate how to multiply decimals. In this multiplication lesson, students view a demonstration on how to multiply decimals and practice this skill independently.
Students investigate the process to work problems that involve equivalent fractions. They practice finding the equivalent values of fractions listed on the worksheet. The lesson includes example steps and problems for the teacher to use.
Fifth graders determine how to convert fractions, decimals, and percents. In this conversion lesson, 5th graders use an on-line applet to practice making these conversions. They review how to make the conversions in a whole class lesson before accessing the "Fraction Four" applet. They work with a partner to play the web site game.
In this decimal place value chart worksheet, students work independently to fill in the blanks on the chart so that the numbers equal out correctly and the missing words are stated correctly.
In this decimal numbers worksheet, students solve 8 problems in which decimal numbers to the hundredths place are ordered. Students also tell the value of specified digits in decimal numbers and place numbers on a number line.
In this decimal fractions instructional activity, students answer 3 questions about place value, order a set of 3 decimal numbers on a number line, and order sets of numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.

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