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An overview of deforestation is the focus of this resource, which present the reader with a list of facts. Ten comprehension questions follow; learners can write their answers on a separate piece of paper. Have your environmental scientists go online to read this would make a novel and educational homework assignment.
Students can delve into earth science by using satellite imagery to learn about the deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest.
Students analyze graph showing global deforestation, view photograph of deforestation in Brazil's interior rain forest and examine three maps showing deforestation within the United States, describe political, economic, and social consequences upon United States if destruction of rain forest is not addressed, predict consequences based on information about deforestation, and write short, well-organized essay.
Students participate in an activity to demonstrate how deforestation, fragmentation, and habitat edges may affect native animal populations. Students accomplish this by playing a game from a provided worksheet and completing a graphing activity as a class.
Students examine the cause and effect of deforestation and investigate possible solutions. They read and discuss an article, write an essay, and conduct research for a project involving a forest management interview, or analyzing uses of wood product.
Students consider definition of an ecosystem as it relates to the Canadian boreal, discover how deforestation affects this forest and recreate ecosystems. They write persuasive letters urging politicians or business people to help save the forest.
Students answer a quiz on rainforests. They plan an advertising campaign to let consumers know the effect their purchases are having on the environment. They list the reasons for deforestation and possible alternatives.
In this deforestation worksheet, students give a title to the text, answer true or false questions, answer short answer questions, form adjectives, and more. Students complete 11 activities.
In this natural resources worksheet, students read a 1-page article about tropical deforestation and then respond to 11 short answer questions. Students then write a memo on deforestation and select 1 of 3 assessment activities to complete.
Pupils examine deforestation and the effects of deforestation on the environment as well as the effects it has on specific people. Students research an area in the world where deforestation is taking place and present their information to the class.
Students investigate deforestation. In this Amazon Rain Forest lesson, students discover what deforestation is as they listen to a lecture, read and discuss an article, and define the vocabulary words on the provided list.
Students complete an activity showing the deforestation in the monarch habitat. In this habitat lesson plan, students pretend they are monarch butterflies. They fly around and land on trees (chairs) and the teacher slowly takes away the chairs to show deforestation. 
Twelfth graders complete a unit of lessons on the Russian Temperate Forest. They list the environmental problems associated with deforestation, conduct research, compare the Russian Taiga with other forests, create graphs, and develop an action plan.
Students study the effects of deforestation. In this environmental lesson, students view a PowerPoint slideshow about the importance of trees. Students read The Lorax and discuss what the characters represent in our society.
Students identify the different tropical rainforests in the world using a map. In this ecology lesson plan, students describe the different methods of deforestation. They create a memo and present it to class.
Students investigate the environment by designing a group project.  In this ecology lesson, students identify the man made threats to the Amazon while reading environmentally conscience vocabulary terms.  Students collaborate in groups to create a project and presentation which can spread information to other students about their cause.
Here is a hard-hitting, cross-curricular lesson on the effects that the deforestation of the Ozark forests in the 19th century had on the people, animals, and ecosystems of the area. The Dr. Seuss book The Lorax is used as a way of comparing what happened in that story to what actually happened in the Ozarks. A very good, and important, lesson.
Students write about the importance of trees. In this natural resources lesson, students look at deforestation occurring across the globe and present what they learned to the class. As closure, all students write a poem about the importance of trees.
Young scholars explore different products that come from Costa Rica rainforests, examine how the destruction of rainforest and deforestation affect both the Costa Rica and United States economies; students write letters to the studenT Rainforest.
Students explore deforestation and cultural mandate. In this stewardship lesson, students complete a KWL chart about deforestation and discuss how stewardship relates to the cultural mandate after reading silently in Genesis. Students write a persuasive letter in support of conserving the rainforest. 

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