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Young scholars create a nature journal for an imaginary trip around Denmark. They identify animals and plants that live in Denmark. Students describe the landscape of Denmark. They summarize and present historical information about an assigned historical period in Danish history. Young scholars identify three main points about each historical period based on the information in the group presentations.
Sixth graders examine wind power. In this alternative energy lesson, 6th graders study Denmark's wind power and its role in sustainable development. They will discuss Denmark's usage of wind energy and debate its effectiveness.
In this literature and history worksheet, students prepare to read the novel by Lois Lowry Number the Stars. Students read the history behind the Nazi occupation of Denmark and the arrest of the Jews there. This is a 10 page historical account of the Holocaust events with photographs from WW1.
In this mystery worksheet, students investigate a murder that happened in Denmark during the Iron Age as they read a scientific report about the Tollund man. Students answer eight short answer questions and then write a report using evidence to back up their suggestions.
Students examine the role of slavery in the United States. For this American history lesson, students watch segments of the video "Slavery and the Making of America." Students conduct further research pertaining to Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth Freeman, David Walker, Denmark Vesey, and Harriet Jacobs. Students also investigate slave census records. 
In this Christmas in Denmark worksheet, students complete an 8 question multiple choice on-line interactive exercise. From four choices, students pick the best word to finish each sentence about Danish Christmas customs.
For this comparison of Denmark and Northern Ireland worksheet, students fill out a chart in which they compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in each country.
Third graders "travel" from Europe to North America as Columbus did. They organize the information into chronoglogical order.
Students examine the St. John slave revolt of 1733. In this slavery and apartheid lesson plan, students view the DVD "Slavery, Society, and Apartheid." Students respond to discussion questions regarding the content of the DVD which features the triangular trade route and the St. John slave revolt.
In this blank outline map instructional activity, students explore the political boundaries of Denmark located in Europe. This map may be used in a variety of classroom activities.
In this outline map of Denmark worksheet, students label and color the regions that comprise Denmark to illustrate their geographical knowledge.
High schoolers research the social context of Elizabethan England for Shakespeare's "Hamlet". They identify cultural influences on the play focusing on the theme of revenge and then analyze and compare film interpretations of the play.
Eighth graders activate prior knowledge concerning Number the Stars by answering quesions. They collect different material regarding Denmark and its flag from different sources. Students create their own personal flags and compare its components with the Danish flag. They explain the concepts of: food rationing and why it is emphasized.
High schoolers study mechanical engineering and how it plays a part in the creation of windmills. They design and test their own windmills using various materials and sail designs.
Students recognize courage and heroism of Danish and Swedish people and all others who resisted the Nazis, realize that everyone has the capacity to do good as well as evil, and analyze reasons and motivations that caused certain people to take a stand.
In this Medieval Realms worksheet, students fill-in the blanks and complete a graphic organizer with facts from the text presented.
Fifth graders examine threat to all people (particularly the Jews) resulting from the imposition of Nazi authority, and appreciate the courage exhibited by ordinary people acting out of conscience.
Students read The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark and view A Debt to Honor to identify ways that Christians helped the Jewish people during the Holocaust.  In this Holocaust lesson, students discuss the mythical story of King Christian X of Denmark and how many Jews in Denmark were really saved.  Students take notes during the A Debt to Honor to find ways that Christians in Northern Italy helped save over 30,000 Jews.
Point of view is everything, especially when reporting about the war in Afghanistan. Class members compare and contrast the same event from the war in Afghanistan as reported by five different sources. Learners are also asked to rank the reliability of various sources. Preview the powerful and thought-provoking materials before deciding whether or not to use with your class.
Celebrate International Children's Book Day using this resource. Learners complete activities, such as reading a passage, sequencing, unscrambling sentences, writing questions, conducting surveys, and writing. Students complete twelve activities related to International Children's Book Day.