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Fourth graders investigate the types of habits that are necessary for good dental health. They use information provided from a variety of resources to make conclusions of the overall practice of dental hygiene. Then students produce a skit or poem to correlate with the subject.
Your young elementary students will be able to share what they know about dental health. They discuss which foods are good or bad for your teeth and conduct a simple experiment to test their ideas. Present their findings to the class wil help not only with the concepts involved but also with social intereaction and public presentation skills.
Students learn about dental health.  In this dental health lesson, students relate the eggshell to the enamel of the tooth.  Students experiment with four drinks to see the effects on the tooth. Students listen to books about dental health.
In this dental health worksheet, students unscramble the letters in 20 words to spell vocabulary pertaining to healthy teeth. There is a word bank.
Learners develop pamphlets for a dental health mentoring program that educates younger students about caring for their teeth. They recall experiences at visits to dentists and consider why some students may have poor dental health.
In this dental health worksheet, students alphabetize a set of 16 words found at the bottom of the page. Worksheet has links to additional activities.
Learners use a worksheet to guide them through a website about healthy teeth. There are directions each step of the way with questions to answer as they move along. The main topics covered are the types of teeth, brushing teeth, cavities, and braces. There is an additional coloring activity included. This is a nice introductory lesson to dental care.
Students conduct experiments to conclude that certain foods and liquids cause tooth decay. Students continue to understand the importance of brushing and proper oral hygiene. Throughout the experiments, students record observations. Students connect observations and draw conclusions about food and tooth decay.
In this word search worksheet, students study the terms associated with dental health. Students locate the 10 words within the word search puzzle.
Complete a number of activities in this group of lessons about dental health and teeth. Your elementary students will like the projects like making teeth models, reading a book, writing poetry and diagramming teeth.
Second graders explore dental health as a topic. In this personal health lesson plan, 2nd graders demonstrate the proper technique for tooth brushing and describe the benefits of good dental health.
Explore the concept of dental health and identify different types of teeth and how to take care of them. Students then chart dental care within the classroom.
A simple, yet effective lesson on dental health is here for your young learners. In groups, your class will place eggs in cups that contain a variety of liquids and observe what happens to the color of the egg. They brush the egg with a toothbrush to see how well they can remove any stains. Very clever!
Young scholars identify what a dentist does in his/her profession and list reasons why a person may go to the dentist. They write about a personal experience with a dentist.
Students complete a webquest to discover the importance of maintaining good dental health. They answer questions focusing on the types of teeth and how to keep then healthy. Each question has a Internet link to find the answer.
First graders explore the theme of dental health and hygeine. They make tooth loss predictions, count lost teeth, and graph tooth loss. In addition, they listen to dental health stories, read online stories, create spreadsheets, and play online games.
Students research information on how to maintain oral health. They create informational pop-up books with instructions on proper dental health care. Afterward, they draw and construct relevant pop-up illustrations to demonstrate techniques and motivate others to pursue good dental hygiene.
Students review reasons why teeth are necessary, define tooth decay, discuss and list ways to prevent tooth decay, name at least two foods that promote dental health, watch video Tooth Wisdom, and complete worksheet Tooth Healthy Snacks.
Students listen to facts about dental health and watch a tooth brushing and flossing demonstration by the teacher.
Explore the concept of dental health, how to brush teeth correctly and demonstrate how to floss properly.

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