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In this review worksheet, students match a function to the proper description.  they identify the domain of a function.  Students determine the slope of an inverse function.  They find the derivative of given equations.  This two-page worksheet contains approximately 60 problems.
Four warmup problems with multiple parts to each question covering inverse functions and derivatives.
In this inverse function worksheet, students find the derivative of functions, identify the inverse function and compute limits of the function. This two-page worksheet contains 15 problems.
Students investigate the properties of inverse functions. In this trigonometry lesson, students write trigonometric equations for given functions. They calculate the inverse using properties of sine, cosine and tangent.
Students identify the six trig values using ratios of a right triangle. In this trigonometry lesson plan, students graph inverse functions and perform operation using inverse trig values. They identify different properties of trig graphs.
Pupils graph functions and their inverse.  In this graphing functions and their inverse lesson, students plot a point and its' image.  Pupils plot the exponential and logarithm functions. Students find the slope of the function and its inverse by taking the derivative.
Pupils explore the concept of differentiating inverse functions. In this differentiating inverse functions lesson, students find the first derivative of the inverse of sine function in a lecture style lesson.
Sal starts with an example of finding dy/dx of y = x2 and builds to showing the solution to the more complicated implicit differentiation problem of finding the derivative of y in terms of x of y = x ^ x ^ x .
High schoolers explore a variety of relationships using pennies, pressure, temperature, light and pendulums to determine the algebraic equation that best represents the pattern modeled by the variables involved in each situation.
In this implicit differentiation activity, students compute the determinant of the Jacobian matrix and solve equations by implicit differentiation. This two-page activity contains definitions, examples, and explanations. It contains approximately eight multi-step problems.
In this math worksheet, students answer 7 questions regarding continuous functions, domains, differentiables, and inverse functions.
In this derivatives worksheet, students use the chain rule to show equalities between functions. They read a tutorial that guides them through the process of using the chain rule to find derivatives. This worksheet includes five short answer problems.
The major goal of this instructional activity is to collect data from a variety of experiments, and then determine what type of model best fits the data, and explain why. Students will explore a variety of relationships using pennies, pressure, temperature, light, and pe
Young scholars identify and investigate trigonometric functions. They practice the correct way to write trigonometric and inverse ratios. They graph and identify the different parts of a trig function.
Students calculate values using inverse trigonometric functions. In this trigonometry activity, students break down a sinusoidal equation and solve for all x-values and domain.
Young scholars explore functions. In this derivatives instructional activity students complete an attached worksheet. A formula sheet for derivatives is included. This instructional activity is designed as a review for the derivatives test.
In this calculus worksheet, students use the chain rule to derive functions. They use function notations correctly as they solve word problems using the derivative. There are 3 questions.
High schoolers solve equations using a given derivative. In this calculus lesson, students identify the rise of fall of each function. They use the calculator to find the derivative.
In this differentiable function worksheet, students identify differentiable functions and calculate the derivative of a function. This two-page worksheet contains eight multi-step problems.
Students graph curves with the derive program. In this math lesson, students explore technology and use to graph curves. This assignment creates a visual for trig and calculus functions.      

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