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In this optimization worksheet, students solve 20 short answer word problems. Students read, sketch, define variables, write equations, differentiate their equations, and find the maximum or minimum of each word problem.
Students investigate an article on local linearity. In this calculus lesson, students read about the application of math in the real world. They gain insight from the teachers view of how to teach and relate the topic to the real world.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve problems using U-Substitution. They find antiderivatives  using indefinite integrals. There are 18 questions with an answer key.
In this calculus learning exercise, students perform integration by parts. They solve differential equations as they use integration by part to solve unlike terms. There are 23 problems with an answer key.
For this calculus worksheet, students evaluate functions and solve problems using the derivative. They apply the rules of limits to solve functions where the limit of x approaches zero. There are 12 problems to solve.
Greg Kelly puts together another great slide presentation to demonstrate ways to combine derivative rules to evaluate more complicated functions. This pattern is called the chain rule.  He shows step by step ways to solve these complicated problems.
In this practice exam worksheet, students solve 17 multiple choice problems. Students find derivatives, points of continuity, maximums, minimums, integrals, and area of enclosed regions.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve problems using the chain rule to take the derivative and solve the function. There are 6 questions which require the students to find the correct strategy to solve the equations.
Twelfth graders review the rules for derivatives and use them to solve problems. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders apply the power rules for derivatives correctly to solve equations. This assignment contains lots of examples of derivatives worked out.
In this calculus learning exercise, learners solve 17 multiple choice problems. Students find limits, summations, and derivatives of functions. Learners find the area of an enclosed region between two curves.
In this calculus learning exercise, 12th graders perform logarithmic differentiation on functions for which the ordinary rules of differentiation do not apply.  The one page interactive learning exercise contains eleven problems.  Answers are included. 
In this related rates problem activity, students use the chain rule and implicit differentiation to solve related rate problems, such an writing an expression relating to the ripple of a circle. This three-page activity contains eleven multi-step problems.
In this Calculus worksheet, 12th graders are provided with practice problems for their exam.  Topics covered include limits, derivatives, area bounded by a curve, minimization of cost, and the volume of a solid of revolution.  The four page document contains seventeen multiple choice questions.  Answers are not included. 
In this AP Calculus BC instructional activity, learners answer seventeen multiple choice questions with the use of a calculator.  The questions are a fifty minutes times practice test for the AP exam.
In this AP Calculus Practice Exam learning exercise, students solve seventeen multiple-choice questions using a graphing calculator.  This BC practice test is designed to be finished in fifty minutes.
In this AP Calculus practice test activity, students prepare for the BC version on the test by solving seventeen multiple-choice questions using a calculator.  The test should be timed and 50 minutes in length.
In this math worksheet, students practice finding the solutions to the problems that focus upon the differential operators of vector fields.
Students define the product rule and use it to solve problems. In this calculus lesson, students review rules they learned and memorize the new rules as it relates to derivatives. They solve problems through differentiation by proving the product rule.
In this differentiable function worksheet, students identify differentiable functions and calculate the derivative of a function. This two-page worksheet contains eight multi-step problems.
In this implicit differentiation worksheet, students differentiate expressions and identify the derivative of a function. This one-page worksheet contains six multi-step problems.