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Middle and high schoolers explore the distance formula. In this geometry lesson, learners determine the length of a segment with the distance formula and the Pythagorean Theorem. They explore the relationship between the two methods of determining segment length. 
In this mathematics worksheet, students solve problems involving the Pythagorean Theorem, simple interest, distance formula and measurement conversions.  This 20-page worksheet contains 10 multi-step problems.
Students, working on their GED, examine the steps used to resolve the unknown sides of a right triangle. They express the square root function as an exponential function and derive the distance formula using principles of geometry.
Seventh graders use the distance formula to calculate the speed at which they walk and run and compare the two speeds. Students work in pairs to solve a problem for a box company (rectangular prism, volume and surface area). Students work in groups to solve area of triangle problems relating to a drum corp flag team.
Learn how to use an algebraic formula to find the distance between two given points on a coordinate plane.
Students derive the distance formula  using the Pythgorean theorem. In this geometry lesson, students calculate the midpoint formula and use it to find the distance.
Ninth graders investigate quadrilaterals.  In this geometry lesson, 9th graders examine and classify quadrilaterals using the slope, midpoint and distance formulas.  Additionally, students create various quadrilaterals given three point and the conditions that determine the location of the fourth vertex.
Tenth graders explore non-Euclidean geometry.  In this geometry instructional activity, 10th graders investigate “taxicab geometry.”  Students investigate the taxicab distance formula and make comparisons between a circle in Euclidean geometry and a circle in taxicab geometry. 
Students calculate the distance a car travel using CEEBoT. In this algebra lesson plan, students apply the distance formula to real life scenarios. They use a measuring tape and a formula to measure the distance the ceebot travels.
In this distance formulas worksheet, students identify and complete 9 various questions that include using the distance formulas to solve. First, they use the formulas given to respond to each of the questions in the tables shown on the sheet. Then, students determine the formula and the time needed for each one.
Pupils solve for missing sides using the Pythagorean theorem. In this algebra lesson, students derive the six trigonometric values using the right triangle. They relate the Pythagorean theorem to the distance formula.
Students calculate the distance formula. For this geometry lesson, students find the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. They identify the four different quadrants.
Students are presented with the problem of constructing a parachute that has the maximum hang time. They construct their own parachute using available materials. Pupils drop their parachutes from a height of two meters and record the "hang times." Students use the distance formula to compute the rate of descent.
Students explore the concept of quadrilaterals. In this quadrilaterals lesson, students use the slope formula, midpoint formula, and distance formula to justify that a given quadrilateral is a parallelogram.
For this Pythagorean Theorem worksheet, pupils use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. This two-page worksheet contains seven multi-step problems. Answers are provided beside each problem.
In this midpoint and distance formula worksheet, students find the midpoint of given line segments. They plot the line segments from specified coordinates. This one-page worksheet contains 26 problems.
In this distance formula worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 13 various types of problems. First, they find the distance between the points and give their answer in simplest radical form. Then, students find the perimeter of a triangle to the nearest tenth. They also use the given rectangles to estimate the area of the region to the nearest hundredth.
In this geometry worksheet, 10th graders use the distance formula to determine the distance between two points on a coordinate plane.  The one page interactive worksheet contains five multiple choice questions and is self checking.
In this distance formula learning exercise, students solve and complete 30 various types of problems. First, they find the exact distance between each pair of points and make a sketch of the situation. Then, students find the center, horizontal scale factor, and vertical scale factor for each ellipse. They also find the vertex of each parabola and state whether the parabola opens upward, downward, to the right or left.
Young mathematicians play a revised version of the game "Battleship" to discover the distance formula between two points on a grid. They calculate distances on a coordinate plane.

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