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In this circles and triangles worksheet, students find the center, radius, area, and more, of circles and triangles. Students complete 4 problems.
Young scholars perform unit conversion. In this algebra lesson, students calculate the distance and speed of a solar car. They graph their result as speed versus distance and analyze it.
Students use Geometric Sketchpad to create triangles and circles. For this triangles and circles lesson plan, students then complete formulas from a worksheet with the triangles and circles.
Middle and high schoolers explore the distance formula. In this geometry activity, learners determine the length of a segment with the distance formula and the Pythagorean Theorem. They explore the relationship between the two methods of determining segment length. 
Young scholars solve real life situation using the Pythagorean Theorem. In this geometry lesson, students calculate the length, midpoint and slope of segments. They solve word problems using properties of square roots.
In this lesson plan, algebra learners explore distance using the formula D=RT.  They start building up techniques to solve problems with motion in opposite directions, the same direction, and round trip. 
Students collect data on the time of the ferry. In this algebra instructional activity, students use the data to predict a ferry schedule. They also compute the depth where oxygen would be needed when diving.
Students use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems. In this geometry lesson, students solve for the distances by calculating the different parts of the shape of a two and three dimensional shape. They reason by analogy.
Students watch a multimedia presentation to examine the definition of the first conic section, a circle. They design a brochure based on the information presented in the presentation. They include the definition of a circle, its center and the radius.
In this algebra worksheet, 11th graders rewrite word problems using algebraic symbols. They relate parabolas to the real world and calculate the breaking distance using the distance formula they come up with. There is answer key.
In this equation of a line worksheet, students determine the equation of a line, use the distance formula to identify the relationship between two moving objects, and solve inequalities algebraically. This two-page worksheet contains seven multi-step problems.
Students convert between units and graph their results. In this algebra lesson, students create robots to measure the distance between two objects. They use the distance formula to program the robot.
In this mathematics worksheet, students solve problems involving the Pythagorean Theorem, simple interest, distance formula and measurement conversions.  This 20-page worksheet contains 10 multi-step problems.
Students, working on their GED, examine the steps used to resolve the unknown sides of a right triangle. They express the square root function as an exponential function and derive the distance formula using principles of geometry.
Students explore the concept of trapezoids.  In this trapezoids lesson, students identify legs and bases of a trapezoid.  Students discuss the similarities and differences between isosceles trapezoids and right trapezoids.  Students graph trapezoids given ordered pairs.
Students examine the real-world applications of angles and their measures. They use a three-dimensional model that relates to various careers, and determine angle measures, coordinate points, and distance between coordinate points.
In this distance formulas worksheet, students identify and complete 9 various questions that include using the distance formulas to solve. First, they use the formulas given to respond to each of the questions in the tables shown on the sheet. Then, students determine the formula and the time needed for each one.
Students calculate the distance formula. In this geometry instructional activity, students find the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. They identify the four different quadrants.
In this Pythagorean Theorem worksheet, pupils use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. This two-page worksheet contains seven multi-step problems. Answers are provided beside each problem.
In this midpoint and distance formula worksheet, students find the midpoint of given line segments. They plot the line segments from specified coordinates. This one-page worksheet contains 26 problems.

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