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Twelfth graders investigate convergence of an infinite series.  In this Calculus lesson, 12th graders apply the integral test to determine convergence of an infinite series. 
In this calculus instructional activity, 11th graders solve 7 problems where they determine the convergence and divergence properties using the limit comparison test.
In the first example, instead of actually using the quotient rule, Sal rewrites the denominator as a negative exponent and uses the product rule. In subsequent examples, Sal shows, but does not prove, the derivative of several interesting functions including ex, ln x, sin x, cos x, and tan x.
In this Calculus worksheet, students assess their understanding of various topics, including the derivatives of trigonometric functions, evaluating integrals, sigma notation, and convergent and divergent series.  The one page interactive worksheet contains fifty-two problems.  Answers are not provided. 
In this college level Calculus worksheet, students use the ratio test to determine if a series converges or diverges.  The one page worksheet contains six problems.  Solutions are not provided. 
In this college level calculus worksheet, students use the ratio test to determine if  a seriesconverges or diverges.  The two page worksheet contains six practice problems.  Answers are not included. 
Learners investigate sequences and series numerically, graphically, and symbolically.  For this sequences and series lesson, students use their Ti-89 to determine if a series is convergent.  Learners find the terms in a sequence and series and graph them.  Students use summation notation to determine the sum of a sequence.
Students study the architectural designs of different popular sites. In this math instructional activity, students draw a grid diagram. They explain what geodesic algorithms are used for.
For this infinite series worksheet, students use comparisons to determine convergence for improper integrals. They use the integral test for infinite series. Students state the reasons they believe a given integral is converging or diverging.
Students find patterns in a sequence.  In this sequences and series lesson, students use their calculator to find the sequence of partial sums.  They graph functions and explore convergent series.  Students approximate alternating series.
Seventh graders research the six European "postage stamp" (small) countries and research interesting facts about them. In groups, they are assigned to one of the six countries of Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, or Vatican City. On poster board, 7th graders create a postage stamp for their country.

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