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Using two colors of counting chips, seventh graders review the multiplication of rational numbers and then explore how to divide them. They play an online game, "Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers," and afterward they devise sign rules for dividing integers. You will find dialogue, diagrams, and links to useful support resources in this well-written lesson plan. 
Students investigate the rise and decline in stocks. For this algebra lesson, students multiply and divide integers as they relate it to math. They investigate the change of rate in stocks over a long period of time.
In this multiplying and dividing integers learning exercise, learners solve 45 short answer problems. Students multiply and divide integers. Learners draw conclusions about the resulting integer when multiplying/dividing by two positive, two negative, or one negative and one positive integer.
In this multiplying and dividing integers worksheet, students solve world problems involving multiplying and dividing integers. They use a graphing calculator to solve problems with large numbers. This three-page worksheet contains 3 problems. Explanations and examples are provided in this worksheet.
In this division worksheet, 6th graders solve 6 word problems in which they divide integers to find the answers. They find the mean of 3 sets of numbers while solving the problems.
For this dividing integers worksheet, students divide one and two digit numbers. Students complete 120 problems total.
Clear up the confusion surrounding division of negative numbers with this short video. Viewers will learn how to determine if the answer to an integer problem is going to be negative or positive, and they'll witness the tutor work through four examples that result in both positive and negative answers.
In this integer worksheet, students divide positive and negative numbers.  There are 20 questions and the answers will be integers.
Students solve word problems in which they add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide integers, identify rules and patterns for multiplying and dividing integers, create scenarios that represent each expression, and evaluate expressions.
For this dividing integers worksheet, students practice dividing integers that range from -9 to 9. Students solve fifty four problems.
In this dividing integers worksheet, students solve the integer division problems that range in numbers from -99 to 99. Students solve fifty four integer problems.
In this dividing integers worksheet, students solve 54 problems that require them to divide 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers by 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers.
In this dividing integers worksheet, 7th graders solve 30 division problems with positive and negative numbers written in horizontal format.
For this dividing integers worksheet, students solve 5 multiple choice problems. Students find the quotient of two integers and the mean of five integers.
In this dividing integers worksheet, students divide one positive integer by a negative integer. Each of the 5 problems is multiple choice and features a hot link to a hint. Two of the problems illustrate division with markers, the other 3 are computation problems. This on-line worksheet is self scoring.
In this dividing integers instructional activity, students solve 8 short answer problems. Students divide positive and negative integers. 
In this integer division activity, students review two rules for dividing integers and then use those rules to solve the eleven sets of division problems.
In this dividing integers worksheet, students evaluate expressions by dividing quotients in five multiple choice problems.  The solutions are available by clicking on the "Check It" button found on the bottom of the page.
Give your class a list of multiplication and division sentences that contain both positive and negative integers. Have them analyze them to see if they can discover the pattern with the signs. From these patterns, help them develop the rules for the operations. As a reinforcement activity, the class participates in a relay race; each individual in a row of learners completes a problem and passes it back for the next person. 
In this integer division worksheet, students use the table of average temperatures for Antarctica to help them complete the four word problems.

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