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Using two colors of counting chips, seventh graders review the multiplication of rational numbers and then explore how to divide them. They play an online game, Multiplying and Dividing Signed Numbers, and afterward they devise sign rules for dividing integers. You will find dialogue, diagrams, and links to useful support resources in this well-written lesson plan. 
Students investigate the rise and decline in stocks. In this algebra instructional activity, students multiply and divide integers as they relate it to math. They investigate the change of rate in stocks over a long period of time.
For this dividing integers worksheet, 7th graders solve 30 division problems with positive and negative numbers written in horizontal format.
Give your class a list of multiplication and division sentences that contain both positive and negative integers. Have them analyze them to see if they can discover the pattern with the signs. From these patterns, help them develop the rules for the operations. As a reinforcement activity, the class participates in a relay race; each individual in a row of learners completes a problem and passes it back for the next person. 
In this multiplying and dividing integers activity, students solve world problems involving multiplying and dividing integers. They use a graphing calculator to solve problems with large numbers. This three-page activity contains 3 problems. Explanations and examples are provided in this activity.
In this multiplying and dividing integers instructional activity, middle schoolers solve 45 short answer problems. Students multiply and divide integers. Middle schoolers draw conclusions about the resulting integer when multiplying/dividing by two positive, two negative, or one negative and one positive integer.
Here is a division worksheet in which learners read about ways to divide integers and then complete problems including patterns, negative and positive numbers, variables, and more. They complete 47 problems total.
In this dividing integers worksheet, pupils complete word problems and regular division problems. Students complete 12 division problems and 4 word problems.
In this integer division instructional activity, students review the two rules for dividing integers. Students then find the quotients for the division problems and finish with one integer division word problem.
In this division worksheet, 6th graders solve 6 word problems in which they divide integers to find the answers. They find the mean of 3 sets of numbers while solving the problems.
In this dividing integers worksheet, students divide one and two digit numbers. Students complete 120 problems total.
In this dividing integers #3 activity, 6th graders solve 60 division problems by using mental math to find the answers;  there are 2 different sheets of 60 problems on one page.
Clear up the confusion surrounding division of negative numbers with this short video. Viewers will learn how to determine if the answer to an integer problem is going to be negative or positive, and they'll witness the tutor work through four examples that result in both positive and negative answers.
This unit on integers includes a pre-test, a post-test, four spreadsheets, and links to an interactive web-site to support the learning of integer operations. Access to computers and the Internet are imperative to this unit. The lessons are self-paced and your learners can progress at their own speed. It is well worth it to take a look at this unit. Let your learners take responsibility in learning the content, rather than giving direct instruction all the time.
In this integer worksheet, students divide positive and negative numbers.  There are 20 questions and the answers will be integers.
In this integer division worksheet, students evaluate 10 integer expressions. Answers and hints are available on-line; a reference web site for additional resources is given.
There are three parts to this lesson on integers. In the first, learners explore positive and negative numbers on an actual painter's tape number line and by playing a "Hot Seat" game. In part two, they view a BrainPop video and work with Algebra tiles to consider the addition and subtraction of integers. Finally, the investigate how to multiply and divide integers. This resource is chock-full of ideas, video links, and printable practice pages for you to use in a unit on integers!
Here is a comprehensive task for your middle school mathematicians regarding the multiplication and division of integers. Word problems and practical problems abound, while occasional graphics make the page more visually appealing. A couple of related website addresses areprinted at the top of the page with games that reinforce the same skills.
Review operations related to rational numbers and integers using the include PowerPoint presentation, "Interesting Integers." Young mathematicians classify rational numbers as being natural, whole, or integers and read an article about uses of integers in everyday life. They also create a flyer on integers and how they are used in the real world. Multiple web links and attachments are included.
Seventh and eighth graders solve math problems where they multiply positive and negative integers. In this multiplication lesson plan, learners use slate boards to complete problems. The step-by-step plan tells you what to write and say to the class as you teach this foundational skill. 

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