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In this dolphins worksheet, students analyze 10 clues pertaining to dolphins. Students fit the answers from the word box into a crossword puzzle.
In this multiple choice quiz worksheet, 7th graders answer 10 questions based on the book, Whales and Dolphins by Susanna Davidson.
In this science related instructional activity, students locate and circle eleven words associated with dolphins in a word search puzzle in the shape of a dolphin.
Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell's classic tale of Karana, a young girl stranded on an island off the California coast, is the focus of a sixteen- slide presentation that includes a list of vocabulary words, guided reading questions, and a link to resources. Also included are a series of "Daily Fix-It" grammar exercises.
In this Island of the Blue Dolphins worksheet, students survey how to unscramble twenty five words associated with the novel.
In this dolphin facts worksheet, students study the vocabulary words related to dolphins. Students then find the words in the word search.
In this dolphin activity worksheet, students examine 9 dolphin-related terms and then put those terms into alphabetical order.
In this dolphins word search worksheet, learners locate and identify 10 dolphin-related words within the word search puzzle.
In this preschool coloring page worksheet, students use crayons or markers to color a blackline master sheet of a dolphin.
In this dolphin worksheet, students construct a mini-book/story about dolphins. Worksheet has no additional activities other than being informational.
Students use their knowledge of dolphin natural history to create a "movie."
Students view "Miracle Dolphin" which tells the fascinating story of a fable that came true and explores both the story and the science of Holly's life among the Bedouins of Nuweiba El Muzena.
Kids who love dolphins will get a kick out of this prompt, which includes a picture of two dolphins playing with a beach ball. Using the picture for inspiration, students complete the beginning, middle, and ending of the story. A text box allows teachers to type in lesson-specific words to be used in the story, such as a spelling or vocabulary list.
Learners explore language arts by reading a story with their class. In this tier two vocabulary lesson, students read the book Dolphin's First Day and discuss the vocabulary used in the story. Learners participate in a word play activity while defining specific story vocabulary words.
Learners listen to a lecture on dolphin communication methods. They consider ways in which humans communicate and participate in an activity to assess the role of smell in human communication.
Students read, analyze and critique a newspaper article about report claims that dolphins are now extinct in China's Yangtze river. They assess key vocabulary terms within the article and discuss how to design a perfect animal for the 21st century.
In this dolphin maze activity, learners trace a path from start to finish in a challenging maze that is in the shape of a dolphin.
In this science instructional activity, students learn facts about the bottlenose dolphin by reading an informative paragraph. Students then color the picture.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, learners read a selection pertaining to dolphins and respond to 2 vocabulary and 1 short answer questions.
Did you know that the Greek and Latin root words that make up the scientific name of a creature often describe the animal? All the root words on this list relate to whales and dolphins. Learners examine the scientific names for dolphins and then create a name and illustration for an imaginary species of dolphin using the root words listed.

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