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In this reading literature comprehension worksheet, students complete 35 questions. There is a short crossword puzzle, short answer responses, and matching. All pertain to Dolphins at Daybreak
In this dolphins worksheet, students read the text about dolphins, write the opposites to words, fill in the blanks, answer short answer questions, and more. Students complete 5 activities.
Students discover facts about marine mammals, specifically dolphins. In this K-2 lesson plan, students identify the different species of Cetaceans, focusing on dolphins. Students answer true/false questions regarding cetaceans and dolphins.
Students use the internet to discover information about dolphins. They examine their behavior, appearance and distribution of dolphins.
Pupils create a movie, out of paper, based on their knowledge of dolphin natural history. Students brainstorm what they know about dolphins and draw pictures of the dolphin facts. When the pictures are placed end to end they create a movie roll for pupils to watch.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 10 multiple choice questions regarding the book If a Dolphin Were a Fish. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this dolphins worksheet, students read 10 definitions of words that pertain to dolphins. Students match these definitions with vocabulary words in a word box.
For this reading comprehension online interactive quiz worksheet, students respond to 10 multiple choice questions regarding the book If a Dolphin Were a Fish. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this dolphin fact worksheet, students read information about dolphins. Students learn about dolphin's group, order, height, weight, food source and location, number of offspring, life expectancy, and their communication method.
In this multiple choice quiz worksheet, 7th graders answer 10 questions based on the book, Whales and Dolphins by Susanna Davidson.
In this science related worksheet, students locate and circle eleven words associated with dolphins in a word search puzzle in the shape of a dolphin.
In this dolphins worksheet, students analyze 10 clues pertaining to dolphins. Students fit the answers from the word box into a crossword puzzle.
Learners analyze Greek sculpture. In this Greek sculpture lesson, students review the roles and responsibilities of the Gods and Goddesses in the Greek pantheon. Learners compare the way Greek Gods are portrayed and sculpt the Goddess Aphrodite based on the information they read about her. Students compare their sculpture with the one in the Museum of Fine Arts.
Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O'Dell's classic tale of Karana, a young girl stranded on an island off the California coast, is the focus of a sixteen- slide presentation that includes a list of vocabulary words, guided reading questions, and a link to resources. Also included are a series of "Daily Fix-It" grammar exercises.
In this Island of the Blue Dolphins worksheet, students survey how to unscramble twenty five words associated with the novel.
In this dolphin facts worksheet, students study the vocabulary words related to dolphins. Students then find the words in the word search.
In this dolphin activity worksheet, students examine 9 dolphin-related terms and then put those terms into alphabetical order.
In this dolphins word search worksheet, students locate and identify 10 dolphin-related words within the word search puzzle.
In this preschool coloring page learning exercise, students use crayons or markers to color a blackline master sheet of a dolphin.
In this letter Dd worksheet, learners study the stroke patterns for the uppercase and lowercase letter Dd. Students trace and print both letters several times. Learners then trace and print the word dolphin.

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