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In this double bar graphs practice instructional activity, students sharpen their problem solving skills as they solve 6 story problems.
In this math worksheet, students use this blank double bar graph grid as a tool for any graphing problem. There is a space for the title, labels for each axis and a spot for the key.
In this double-bar graph worksheet, students create two double bar graphs from provided information. The first set of data compares the heights of two twins over time. Students explain the process they used to create their graph. The second data set is the results of a coin toss.
To gain an appreciation for the difficulty the framers of the Constitution faced when crafting this historic document, class members are asked to predict five words that would occur frequently in the Constitution of the United States. Working as pairs, groups of four, then groups of eight, teams develop such a list. The whole class then discusses the process they went through and the difficulty they had reaching consensus. Next, the focus turns to a word-processed document of the Constitution, and using the replace tool, learners record their findings on a spreadsheet and create a double bar graph to compare their predictions with the actual results. Additional activities for studying the strengths and weaknesses of a constitutional government, as well as assessment options for each activity, are included in the packet. 
Students identify which type of graph is appropriate for different sets of data. In this data analysis lesson, students study the data for different types of books, library books checked out, and books read last year. Students decide on which type of graph is appropriate to use for the sets of data and identify their reasons why they chose that graph.
Examine the three basic nutrients and their effects on the body. Fifth graders will research data to construct a bar graph and then  demonstrate the relationship between malnutrition and food security. This is a very comprehensive resource with handouts and step-by-step instructions.
Students explore how to use a double bar graph by polling other students about their feelings and experiences with pets. They also have the opportunity to think about how pets affect their lives. Students poll their classmates to find out what types of pets they have, how they feel about them and what type of pet they would be if they could be an animal. They graph their findings, using a double bar graph.
Students create gliders and calculate the average that the gliders fly. In this gliders lesson plan, students modify the gliders and paperclips on the gliders to see how it could fly further.
In this measures of central tendency learning exercise, young statiscians use fantasy basketball statistics to find mean, median, and range of player statistics. They then decide which player they would draft first. They create a five person starting line up of their choice of players. Double bar graphs are created of their information. A nice extension to this lesson might be to include analysis of box-and-whisker plots for each player.
Students investigate the accurate use of a variety of graphs to depict information in the proper way. They determine which graphs are used solve problems.
In this graphing instructional activity, students complete a set of 10 multiple choice questions, clicking on a link to see correct answers or print the page.
For this let's graph it worksheet, student interactively answer 10 multiple choice questions about graphing data and types of graphs, then click to check their answers.
Sixth graders construct and interpret graphs from ozone data collected in Phoenix area. Can be adapted to other areas.
For this graphing worksheet, 6th graders read five steps to make a double bar graph. They answer six questions using a table and circle graph.
Fifth graders conduct a survey and represent the collected data in the form of a graph. They examine the data and the graphs and analyze which graph corresponds to the proper heading.
For this misleading graphs worksheet, students draw double bar graphs to represent the information for the gym membership plans. Students also answer questions about the misleading information in the bar graphs.
Students collect data and create Venn diagrams and double bar graphs. They listen to a version of The Three Little Pigs and decide the method for building a house. As they discuss what each house would be made of they move to yarn circles to represent a Venn diagram and create a bar graph.
In this interpreting graphs worksheet, students learn to make a double bar graph and then respond to 4 short answer questions.
In this bar graph worksheet, students take a survey and use the information to create a double bar graph to answer related questions. Houghton Mifflin text referenced.
In this graphing worksheet, students first use a double bar graph to solve 3 problems, then use a scatter plot to solve 3 additional problems.

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