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Students practice soccer dribbling, passing, and trapping skills, which enhance students' self-reliance, trust and independence.
Students develop their soccer skills while learning the rules as they participate in this unit of lessons. They practice dribbling, passing, shooting, after reviewing safety regulations and rules of play.
Seventh graders practice passing and dribbling a basketball. They practice the chest pass, bounce pass, the cross over, and play a game to demonstrate their skills.
Students play a team sport. In this basketball lesson, students learn the nine areas of a basketball court and practice dribbling, passing and shooting without leaving their area.
Students explore basketball with a twist. In this basketball lesson, students practicing their dribbling, passing and shooting skills. They play a version of basketball where there are three people on the court from each team and the remaining players stand on the sidelines but still participate in catching and passing the ball.
Eighth graders study soccer. In this lesson on a sport, 8th graders practice dribbling and passing skills associated with soccer.
Teach the class the skills of passing a soccer ball to a partner and receiving a pass from a partner. Passing in soccer is the skill that is used most, so it would be advantageous to learn to do different types of passes and practice to get good.  Also there as a link to the other lessons and to the home page of this soccer unit.
Introduce five activities for practicing floor hockey skills. Now that the class has been taught how to perform these skills, set them up to practice. Play Keep Away, play 3 v 3, practice target passing and shooting, practice partner dribbling, and finally practice group passing. These drills are thoughtfully set up to get the most practice time for each player as possible.
Students identify physical education by participating in a sports activity. In this dribbling lesson, students discuss how basketball players move the ball without holding it and define the action as dribbling. Students participate in a dribbling exercise on the playground and practice moving the ball without holding it.
Young scholars participate in a lead up game that emphasizes practicing all of the basic soccer skills (e.g., correct punting, dribbling, trapping and passing.)
A helpful description of a few drills to work on dribbling and passing. The drills can be incorporated into a lesson, and are geared toward working with those who are hearing impaired. There are some key aspects of each drill to address working with those who have difficulty hearing.
Students identify and practice 4 critical components of dribbling a ball. For this basketball skills lesson, students participate in four dribbling routines to advance their ball handling skills.
A gold mine of basketball dribbling drills! There are an assorted variety of drills here to keep those players busy. Some involve cooperation, some competition, but all of them are about practicing dribbling.
Sixth graders listen to a discussion about basketball and the elements such as dribbling, passing and throwing a basketball. Through a series of skills and techniques, 6th graders practice dribbling, passing and throwing. They examine the rules of playing basketball and how to count points associated with a game.
Students build dribbling and passing skills. For this passing skills lesson, students use basketballs and soccerballs to participate in a team sport in order to score points. Each team must try to pass the ball correctly into the goal or basket.
Students practice soccer dribbling and passing skills using the inside of the foot while recording with a pedometer.
Students practice dribbling, passing, and some goalkeeping skills.
It's always a good idea in soccer to be able to pass the ball to a teammate. It takes practice to be able to make good passes, the right speed, the right touch, the right place. Teachers can connect to the other lessons in this unit by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.
Have your youngsters shuffle their own set of these printable cards to determine what activity they will perform next! From passing objects with a partner or dribbling a soccer ball to jumping jacks or tossing a bean bag, these cards have a variety of prompts for short, fun physical activities that can spice up your next outdoor activity day.
Seventh graders participate in a soccer activity to practice moving the ball around the field.  For this soccer dribbling lesson, 7th graders students try to prevent their opposing students from completing the filed exercise by kicking the ball.

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