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In this Easter vocabulary worksheet, students unscramble the letters in 20 words to spell vocabulary that pertains to the Easter holiday. There is a word bank.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a one paragraph text about Easter traditions in Poland. Students answer one multiple choice question.
Students make different crafts to represent spring and Easter. In this crafts lesson plan, students make cookies, nests, and bunnies out of their hands.
In this Easter crossword worksheet, students read 10 clues and fit their answers in a puzzle. There is a word bank provided, and non-religious graphics.
In this counting instructional activity, students circle the correct number of Easter pictures that is asked of them in each problem between the numbers 1 and 10. Students complete 4 problems total.
In this Easter word and picture activity worksheet, students draw lines from the 6 Easter-related words to their matching pictures.
In this Easter instructional activity, students answer multiple choice and short answer questions about Easter. Students complete 4 questions total.
In this algorithms instructional activity, students are provided with links to three different algorithms used to compute the date on which Easter falls for a particular year.  One link requires the students to do the computations, while the other two links have the computer do the calculations.
Discover the details of the Easter holidays with this ESL presentation. Explaining phrases such as Easter egg hunt and Easter bunny, this slideshow could be helpful for pupils who are not familiar with the Christian holiday, or who need to reinforce their holiday vocabulary. 
Students look at 4 squares and count the number of Easter baskets, eggs, bunnies and flowers found in each one. They write the number they counted in each square on the lines provided. A very good counting worksheet for young learners!
In this Easter counting worksheet, students solve 4 problems in which Easter pictures are counted and the specified number of objects circled. All sets will be below ten.
In this Easter fun activity worksheet, students use the 12 clues to identify the words needed to complete the crossword puzzle.
In this Easter activity activity, students examine 8 Easter-related pictures and put then unscramble the sets of letters to form 8 Easter-related words.
In this Easter spelling worksheet, learners unscramble the words that represent Easter and use the word bank to help them. Students unscramble 9 words.
For this Easter worksheet, learners solve the clues to answers they fill in inside a crossword puzzle about Easter. Students fill in 8 words to the crossword puzzle.
For this Easter worksheet, students write a poem, make a collage, and discuss what Easter is about. Students complete 3 tasks total.
In this Easter word to picture matching learning exercise, 1st graders read 6 words, look at 6 pictures and draw a line from the word to the picture it matches. 
In this Easter math worksheet, students first solve 13 problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Using the answers, students make a bar graph.
In this math review learning exercise, students complete addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction problems where each answer is put into an Easter bar graph. Students complete 13 problems.
For this math review worksheet, students complete addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction problems where each answer is put into an Easter bar graph. Students complete 13 problems. 

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