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The Edinburgh Festival provides a way for students to explore lesson plans about opera, theater, and music.
In this geography of Scotland worksheet, students examine a pictorial map of Edinburgh. The map is unlabeled but shows the parks, waterfront and residential areas of the city.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read and analyze a short passage on "Checking Train Times," and then answer twenty reading comprehension questions associated with the passage.
In this online interactive history quiz worksheet, learners respond to 45 multiple choice questions about the accomplishments of Charles Darwin. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this ELL/ESL worksheet, students work with a paragraph about the "Live 8" concerts of 2005. They complete activities in which they write lists of famous people, give opinions about "Live 8", complete true and false questions, and synonym matches using words from the paragraph. They listen to and complete paragraphs, match phrases, and fill in the blanks in paragraphs.
Take a trip to Great Britain with this fun reading lesson! Young learners read an article about many famous attributes of Britain - 101 of them, to be exact - and finish several comprehension and grammar activities about what they have read. The lesson is designed for English learners, but could work for any reading level. Note: Don't use the article as an example of a well-structured piece of writing, as it is only a list in paragraph form.
This 13-page assignment was designed for English language learners. It includes a one-page reading on the comedic actor Rowan Atkinson and 10 activities/exercises that focus on listening and reading comprehension, speaking, vocabulary acquisition, spelling, and more. An answer key is provided for some of the exercises.
In this summer festival instructional activity, students read a 7-paragraph article about European summer festivals and respond to 6 short answer questions. Vocabulary words and definitions are included.
For this famous leaders worksheet, students read a passage about Queen Elizabeth and then complete a variety of in-class and homework activities to support comprehension, including partner interviews, spelling, cloze, synonym matches, and scrambled sentences.
In this time problems in context worksheet, students solve 40 real life telling time problems. Students use timetables to calculate travel times and also use a pay scale to figure out weekly earnings in English pounds and pence. This page is intended for online use but may be completed on paper.
In this Scotland learning exercise, students complete questions and discussions on 5 pages that pertain to the geography and culture of Scotland. This is intended for use by ESL students.
Students read about European holidays and then design their own creative festival. In this cultural awareness lesson, students use primary and secondary resources in order to uncover facts and practices that occur during European festivals.
Students get up close and personal with invertebrates. In this mini-beasts lesson, students may visit the Natural History Museum, the Bramley Frith Education Centre, the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World online or in-person to discover details related to the animals.
In this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students respond to 15 identification questions about the pictured city skylines. Students have 4 minutes to complete the quiz.
In this reading activity, students answer 20 true/false questions about cities around the world. If an answer is false, students write the correct answer.
In this research skills worksheet, students read 20 statements regarding the temperature in world cities. Students mark them as true or false and provide evidence for their answers.
In this knowledge test #1 about U.K. and U.S.A. worksheet, students interactively answer 30 multiple choice questions about the U.K. and the U.S.A.
Students explore the diversity of European festivals. In this cultural diversity lesson, students visit selected Web sites to research ancient festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Glastonbury. Students may organize their own festivals.
Learners research the countries in the United Kingdom. In this geography instructional activity, students visit suggested websites and complete the included worksheets. Learners work in pairs to complete the questions. This is a WebQuest instructional activity.
Ninth graders explore the British seaside resort Blackpool. In this British Travel ESL lesson, 9th graders read an article and answer guided reading questions. Students create a short story about what a person did in Blackpool.

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