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Tips that will allow you to optimize your student teaching and equip you for your first classroom.
Students explore the recent trend of interest among college students in pursuing teaching careers, as well as their own views about teaching as a career choice. Each student interviews a teacher about the teaching profession.
To better understand what it takes to work in the field of training or educating, learners first explore the education career cluster. After they research the cluster, pupils write questions for a guest speaker. This speaker can be from any job in the education cluster. 
Serve your class some food for thought with an app that is chock-full of educational videos that are easy to digest. Pupils can browse the categories or search for something specific. Either way, they'll learn something new and enjoy learning it!
Get those kids brainstorming about the types of jobs or careers they'd love to have. Then have them dive into a career-focused research project. Pupils take an interest survey, discuss career clusters, then work through the provided worksheets to start researching a potential career. Additionally, they write a paper describing that career, why they want to pursue it, and what they need to do to reach their goals.
Most of the kids in your senior class really want to go to college, but some of them have no idea of how they're going to pay for it. Cover the basics regarding college funding. Information includes types of college options, types of funding options, scholarships, FAFSA, grants and loans. An excellent source of information for any young adult ready to move on to higher education.
Learners prioritize and match possible careers with their interests, skills, and values based on self assessments. After completing a series of checklists and evaluations on interests and abilities, students research their top choice of a career and create a product displaying information they have gathered.
Students research different careers they are interested in. They plan goals in those careers and present their findings to the class. They are scored on their presentation by a rubric that is included in the lesson.
Students participate in an exploratory teaching program. Individually, they identify the positives and negatives of being a teacher and how they effect the students. They use the internet to research the history of the profession and identify the major events in the educational system in the United States.
Help potential job seekers create a personal job options list that "fits" their personality type. They will discover specific occupational information about two chosen careers. Then they will identify the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a career and create a personal business card that identifies them with their career titles.
Use careers as a focus while teaching your class members how to create PowerPoint presentations. Class members research careers using the webpages linked in the lesson as well as independent searching. They plan out their presentations using the storyboard handout and spend at least one class period practicing and perfecting their PowerPoint skills.
Students are introduced to teaching strategies for meeting the needs of students with disabilities in general education settings. Teachers become familiar with the various modifications, interventions, accommodations and strategies that help teach students with disabilities in general education.
Students investigate various schools that provide education or training for their chosen field of employment. Using a decision grid, they evaluate financial and non-financial criteria, complete a checklist, and answer questions.
The expected, unexpected, retrospective, and respected perspective of teaching overseas.
Learners investigate various careers in the field of aviation in this lesson. They watch and discuss a video, develop a list of careers in aviation mentioned in the video, and create a resume and cover letter for an entry level aviation job.
Students explore art careers. In this career education activity, students explore three different learning stations which simulate several art careers. Students construct a career book after this activity.
Students investigate their personal strengths, skills and aptitudes. They examine and present information about jobs that might meet their qualifications.
High schoolers visit the Globe Projector exhibit in Xpedition Hall and explore the different types of map projections. They consider different careers requiring geographic knowledge and decide what projection would serve them best for each.
Students view teacher-created poster depicting people in various careers, and use vocabulary words on poster to generate grammatically correct sentences relating to careers in target language. Students then choose specific career to research, and create group presentation to share with classmates.
Students explore the teachings of Confucius. In this Korean culture lesson, students watch segments of the A and E video "Confucius: Words of Wisdom." Students read handouts regarding the Asian education system and discuss their impressions prior to writing essays on education.

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