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Learners explore the nonviolent protests of the Egyptians. In this current events lesson, students watch a video and read articles about the 2011 Egyptian uprising. Learners compare the Egyptian protest to the protests of the American Civil Rights Movement.
Fifth graders study Egypt and the Middle East through the use of folk music. In this early civilizations lesson, 5th graders correlate the music of a culture with the development of their society. Students research early Egyptian and Middle Eastern societies using folk music as their starting point.
In this time line for ancient Egypt worksheet, 7th graders research the websites listed to create a time line about ancient Egypt with 20 events noted and images inserted.
In this Egypt activity, 2nd graders answer multiple choice questions about Egypt. Students answer 15 questions about Egypt's history.
In this ancient Egypt worksheet, students complete a 20 question multiple choice pre-test about Egypt. Each of the 20 questions is written on its own page.
For this acrostic poem worksheet, students read an example of an acrostic poem. Students then write their own acrostic poems using the letters ANCIENT EGYPT.
In this ancient Egypt worksheet, students collaborate in a group to complete a writing assignment. The directions say that students have 25 minutes to use the 12 words in the boxes in a story or essay about ancient Egypt.
In this ancient Egypt worksheet, students unscramble 9 words pertaining to Egyptian history. Students use the numbered boxes to decode a secret answer to a riddle. There is no word bank.
In this Egypt worksheet, students use the Venn diagram to list similarities and differences between modern and ancient Egypt.
A good way to cover ancient Egypt in a short amount of time, this presentation addresses the most important aspects of the mysterious kingdom. A list of relevant vocabulary words, as well as a short review activity at the end, help to reinforce knowledge of the Pyramids, mummification, and the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs in history.
Seventh graders do a scavenger hunt in order to investigate Ancient Egypt.
In this social studies learning exercise, middle schoolers find the words that are related to the subject of Egypt. The answers are found at the bottom of the page.
For this social studies worksheet, and the words are used to describe Ancient Egypt and the answers are found at the bottom of the page.
In this understanding mummification worksheet, students research the noted Internet link in order to respond to 10 short answer questions regarding the mummies of ancient Egypt.
In this ancient Egypt vocabulary learning exercise, students locate and mark the 14 names and terms listed in the word bank within the word search puzzle.
Students discover facts about ancient Egypt and find information and pictures of structures in Egypt. They write a story using as many hieroglyphic symbols as possible. Stories are made into a display on bulletin board.
In this ancient Egypt worksheet, 6th graders use maps in chapter 5 of a Houghton Mifflin text to label items on an outline map and answer a set of 10 related questions.
This lesson plan template aligns with the TechnoMummy curriculum and resources, but includes great ideas to use without the curriculum. During this lesson plan on Ancient Egypt, students will become Egyptologists and learn about ancient artifacts. 
In this Ancient Egypt timeline worksheet, students use the blank unlabeled timeline to show major events in Egyptian history.
Learners work in small groups to investigate a variety of art and architecture forms common during the Old Kingdom epoch in Ancient Egypt. Learners then evaluate how these art forms reflect a culture's beliefs and values. And, finally, groups do research on an assigned art form and create an example.