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Students create clay replicas of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in this early-elementary Art lesson for the holiday season. Directions are included for both Mrs. Claus and Santa. The lesson also includes links for more art activities using clay pots.
Create critter crafts! A few safety precautions regarding the glue gun or sharp acorns sticks will not stop your students having fun! Cute pictures help inspire and there are endless ways to create. A class could have a completely open ended style, or you can theme this craft to the bugs as suggested.
Students create ice blue, clay pot winter friends using clay pots, ice blue paints, markers, felt, and fabric in this Art instructional activity for the winter time. The instructional activity would be ideal for the early elementary classroom during the winter months.
Students create confetti-filled eggs in this easter, or spring, Art lesson for the elementary school classroom. The lesson includes resource links and a game idea involving the created confetti eggs to celebrate any occasion.
Students create "clay pot" snowmen using clay pots, glue, mitten scraps, paints, and markers in this early-elementary Art lesson. The lesson may take 1-2 days depending on the amount of time it takes for the undercoat of each snowman to dry.
Students play "To Tell The Truth" Art History style in this fun and interactive game for the upper-elementary Art classroom. Included in the lesson is a detailed set of rules and suggestions for successful classroom implementation.
Here is a phenomenal lesson on place value to the thousands place.  Learners construct numbers and identify the value of each digit, investigate building numbers using craft sticks and paper plates, and complete other meaningful place value activities. Resources are provided.
Students decorate letter, clothespin magnets using basic art supplies in this Art lesson plan for the elementary classroom. Teacher preparation should include cutting out letter shapes for each student and connecting clothespins prior to the lesson plan.
Learners create Christmas tree ornaments.
Students create "Harp" pictures using harp shapes, shoe box lids, paints, old sheet music, and inspiration from Harp music in this inter-disciplinary Art and Music lesson for the elementary classroom. Resource links are included for successful implementation.
Young scholars create wax crayon "eggs" using wax paper, crayon shavings, and an egg template shape in this early-elementary Art instructional activity. Included with the instructional activity is an idea for diplaying finished art projects. A great instructional activity for Easter time.
Students create Easter bunnies using marshmallows, gumdrops, white paper, fruit rolls, and toothpicks in this edible Art lesson for the elementary classroom. A fun activity that can be accomplished in under forty-five minutes.
Students create "stand-up bunnies" for classroom display in this early-elementary Art lesson ideal for the spring months. A bunny template and design ideas are included to aid in the teaching process of this fun and quick lesson.
Students decorate small styrofoam cups with faces and plant grass seeds in the cups in this Science and Art lesson for the early-elementary classroom. Emphasis is placed upon the science of seed growth. The lesson includes resource links.
Students discuss the art of Georges Seurat and examples of Pointillism and create original works of Pointillism using colored, sticker dots. This activity is intended for use in the elementary Art classroom and includes a short vocabulary list.
Pupils explore mosaic techniques.
Students create abstract compositions based on the later works of Wassily Kandinsky using the primary colors in this early elementary Art lesson. The lesson emphasizes the use of color, lines, and shapes to create the abstract works of art.
Students create abstract works of art using techniques learned from the artwork of Piet Mondrian, construction paper, pre-cut shapes, and glue in this early-elementary Art lesson. A great lesson to introduce the concept of Abstract art.
Students explore the basic techniques of printmaking in this introductory lesson for the elementary Art classroom. Included with this lesson are ideas for successful implementation and step-by-step directions for the teacher with no printmaking background.
Students participate in a variety of activities that present art history. They arrange an art auction where each student serves as auctioneer to present a favorite piece. Students keep track of their accounts and bid to buy desired pieces of art.

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