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Learners explore the concept of endangered species and learn the names of selected types in Spanish and English. They categorize selected cat species as "endangered" or "not endangered" developed in a short passage in Spanish and English.
Students create a calendar of endangered species. In this preservation lesson, students research endangered species of plants and animals around the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Students gather facts about the endangered species and create a calendar with each month devoted to a different endangered species.
Learn how your school can join numerous conservation organizations in celebrating Endangered Species Day on May 17th.
Learners watch video clips of endangered animals. They imagine a small garden in front of a house and describe the living and non-living things that could interact to make up a garden eco-system.
Students read aloud novel Hoot, by Carl Hiassen, choose endangered animal, complete individual research projects related to their interest, prepare persuasive writing piece, and compare and contrast two endangered animals.
Have your young learners work in pairs to find and research an endangered species. They use research to develop ideas about saving their animal from extinction. Pairs develop a three-dimensional model of the animal's habitat. Then, they design an advertisement with a way to save their animal. Emphasize the use of summary to help your class synthesize the information they learn from their research.
Students research endangered animals and plants.  In this biology activity, students are read Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species by Alexandra Wright before they begin searching for information to complete an endangered species booklet.  The activity lists what each page of the booklet should include.
Here are two well-designed, and easy-to-follow lesson plans on endangered species for your third graders. The focus is on the bison; the history of the slaughter of the animals in the 1800's, and the story of how they were saved from extinction at the very last moment. Learners view a PowerPoint presentation, watch a video, and then create a picture book showing where bison live today.
Fourth graders research different endangered animals in media center as part of unit on Earth Day, animals, and environment, create project based around multiple intelligence related to an endangered animal, and produce Powerpoint presentation.
Students research endangered animals, identify threats to their survival, and brainstorm ways to erase those threats. They use measuring skills and problem-solving strategies to create and bind informational books.
Students discover why many animals, insects, and birds are becoming extinct. They understand the importance of the food chain and how disturbing one area of it can cause havoc with wildlife. They discover how they can make a difference in protecting endangered species by respecting animal habitats and teaching others to do the same.
Students explore the Endangered Species Act and the work of scientists who strive to protect species.
Students conduct Internet research on endangered species. They select an endangered species, identify its physical and behavioral characteristics, and create a Powerpoint presentation.
Students understand the importance of saving endangered species. In this endangered species lesson, students choose an endangered species and create a fund raising project to help save their chosen animal. Students create posters and bookmarks for sale at their fundraiser. Students write a reflection in their journals about this fund-raising activity.
Young scholars research an animal that is an endangered species. In this animals that are endangered instructional activity, students research and create a book about their endangered species. Young scholars include why they are endangered and what can be done to save them.
Students choose and investigate an animal that is endangered. In this endangered species lesson, students research, write and illustrate a nonfiction book explaining how a species of endangered animal could be saved.
Students choose an endangered species to research and report on. In this endangered species instructional activity, students complete a worksheet to gather information about their endangered animal and then use to write a book about the animal and protecting it from extinction.
Learners create an ABC Book of Endangered Animals that includes locator maps, "fast facts," and explanations about why those animals are endangered.
Students explore the issue of endangered species. They read a summary sheet and case history handout, complete a summary form, define key vocabulary terms, and participate in a class discussion.
Bring Earth science and language arts together in this lesson, which prompts learners to identify animals on the verge of extinction. They discuss how the impact of humans has caused the decline of animal populations due to deforestation, pollution, and hunting. Additionally, they answer hypothetical questions about saving animals and participate in a class discussion. How can your class personally help animals on the verge of extinction?

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