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Student design and build Lego vehicles that drag given amount of weight up an incline. They show how this demonstrates Egyptian methods of pyramid construction.
Students design and build a car that is capable of traveling across the floor quickly, and also up a steep ramp.
Students work to improve their programming skills by programming model cars to drive through a tunnel, turn on its headlights and then extinguish the lights as the car exits the tunnel.
Students take the role of a science reporter and gather data for a newspaper article. Students create a question sheet. Students receive a copy of the Science Reporter's Journal task sheet. They complete the items on the sheet and collect information to use in their article. Students prepare a one page report based on their research.
Students listen to the book "Henry Builds a Cabin." They design a cabin using Lego pieces based on information from the story.
Fifth graders describe what their dream career would be. In groups, they complete a worksheet based on their career paths and share the information with the class. They discover the importance of having goals and making plans to meet them.

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