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In this English history timeline worksheet, students explore major historical events that occurred in Great Britain between 1066 and 1500.
In order to investigate the history of England, pupils complete sentences, fill in the blanks, answer short-answer questions, choose correct words, and more. There are eight exercises filled with clever ways to get your kids learning about the England's history. 
England is a very interesting country full of cultural and historical geography. Here is an impressive collection of lessons that will familiarize your students with England's cultural and historical geography. The activities presented are all well designed, and they are also supported with websites and worksheets that you can access. For any fourth grade teacher looking for a splendid way to teach about England, this resource is well-worth a look.
In this English history worksheet, students investigate the life of King Henry VIII by reading a six paragraph biography and answering four short answer questions about it.
Young scholars are shown an "Old Mother Twitchett" poster, and they review the riddle. They are introduced to "Flour of England" by viewing a poster. Students are asked if they have ever watched someone in their families bake a pie or cake. They are asked if they can name any fruits.
In this England in the 1600's case study worksheet, pupils read a brief overview pertaining to the time period in English history and then respond to 2 short answer questions.
Ninth graders examine a Christmas in England. In this English culture lesson, 9th graders read an article and answer guided reading questions. Students  write an email to their teacher about their traditional Christmas in their house. 
In this reading comprehension worksheet, 6th graders read a 7-paragraph essay about the history of Mother's Day. Students then answer 7 multiple choice questions about the passage.
"Is capitalism competition natural and good, or should there be systems in place to check it for the sake of our collective well-being?" Explore the complexity and history behind capitalism and socialism in Crash Course World History #33. Though he presents information quickly, Green also extensively dissects these broad economic concepts, highlighting key personalities in their development, terms such as industrial and mercantilism capitalism, as well as class struggle and communism. Tip: Have learners watch the videos once with one central question in mind, and then re-watch the video stopping at various points for class to take notes and discuss concepts.
Tenth graders analyze works from the period of the Industrial Revolution in England and identify the cultural values depicted and inferred that paved the way for the Industrial Revolution to occur at this time. They create captions that may would have been appropriate to accompany the artwork. They compare the values depicted with the current attitudes toward work in today's society.
Learners activate prior knowledge about French and English history. In this historical fiction literacy lesson, students list information they know about the French Revolution and the history of England. Learners contribute ideas to complete the first column of a KWHL chart for A Tale of Two Cities, then discuss what they want to know with a partner. Students complete the "How I Will Find Out" section of the chart as a whole class. A resource list with several websites is included.</
In this English monarchy worksheet, students read a paragraph regarding the kings and queens of England. Student then answer 10 true or false questions regarding the monarchy to 1603.
Students explore world history by answering a list of study questions in class. In this China lesson, students identify the era of the Qing Dynasty the peace it brought to China. Students identify economic problems as well and answer study questions based on the assigned text.
In this British history study guide instructional activity, students explore the life of Mary I and read about the Counter Reformation. Students read 7 sections of information and examine photographs.
In this English history learning exercise, students examine the harsh punishments for breaking the law in Medieval England. Students complete the task of answering 6 questions based on the reading.
Students write letters to penpals. In this geography/literacy instructional activity, students become penpals with a classroom in England to learn about customs and society across the ocean. Flat Stanley by Will Holton is read aloud, and students decorate a "flat me" to look like themselves. Students follow a letter template and include personal information to be shared with their penpals. A bibliography is included.
Students read source documents to find information about England in the 11th century.  For this England in the 11th century lesson, students analyze and answer questions based on a source document.
For this world history worksheet , 5th graders look for information related to the history of Europe. They view the facts from a map and apply them to different activities.
Learners explore the Crusades. In this world history lesson, students watch a video regarding the Crusades and compile a list of facts regarding the series of religious wars. Learners compare the Muslim view of the wars to the Christian view of the wars.
Students work together to compare and contrast their family histories. They identify artifacts and place them in the correct time period. They write a paper about how the past strengthens the future.