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In this ESL grammar worksheet, students read 8 sentences and choose between "use to" or "used to." There are no directions on this page and no examples.
In this ESL word/picture comprehension worksheet, students analyze 7 pictures and read the questions printed next to them. Students answer each question on the line.
In this ESL hobbies vocabulary worksheet, students analyze 10 pictures that show people in leisure activities. Students match each picture with the sentence that describes it.
In this ESL vehicles vocabulary worksheet, students analyze 10 pictures that depict different modes of transportation. Students match these to the words that name them.
In this newspaper worksheet, students read a set of headlines and match them to their correct newspaper category. Worksheet is part of an ESL site.
Students in an EFL/ESL program discover how to write a professional business e-mail. In this writing lesson, students review the correct way to write a business e-mail. They practice writing emails as a whole class and on their own.
In this ESL "beer" words worksheet, high schoolers fill in blanks to complete sentences related to beer/beer use in the United States. Students may click on an answer button for immediate feedback.
In this ESL "mother" quiz activity, students complete a total of 20 multiple choice questions, selecting the definition of phrases and idioms about mothers.
In this ESL writing lesson plan, students write a short article in English about a subject they choose using correct grammar and punctuation. Their articles are then posted as blogs online.
In this ESL phrasal verb worksheet, students read 12 sentences that have missing verbs. Students select a phrasal verb from the word bank and insert it into each sentence.
Let your ESL learners educate you about their culture while you teach them English.
A computer science degree, a stack of textbooks, and a room full of English language learners is sure to bring excitement to one's day.
Learners fix comma splices. In this ESL instructional activity, students recognize comma splices and find ways to fix them.  They complete a worksheet finding comma splices and correct sentences. 
Students explore English vocabulary by viewing a television program in class. In this medical terms lesson, students view the show "Grey's Anatomy" on television and identify English medical terms that are used. Students reflect on medical procedures that took place and complete a medical dictionary worksheet.
The expected, unexpected, retrospective, and respected perspective of teaching overseas.
Increase their knowledge of the English language through activities geared towards ESL learners. They are split into teams and play a bingo game to identify action verbs. Students draw pictures of the action verb onto a sheet of paper.
In this advanced proficiency level ESL vocabulary worksheet, students choose the correct words to complete 10 sentences. They make choices from 4 words that require them to use higher levels of English skills.
In this ESL prepositions instructional activity, students read 5 sentences and find the mistakes in preposition use. Students correct each sentence.
In this ESL conversation worksheet, students use the 20 answers given here to reconstruct an interview with Mr. X. Students provide the questions that would have been asked.
Explore the vivid world of colors with this straightforward ESL presentation. Each slide presents a color word in its color (the word "red" is colored red) and a picture to accompany the word. The presentation would be a good review tool for colors in English, or a good introduction to a lesson.

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