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In this ESL subject/verb agreement worksheet, students determine whether sentences are correct or incorrect. Students may click on an "answer" button for immediate feedback.
In this ESL "father" quiz worksheet, students fill in blanks to complete sentences about saying, idioms and statements having to do with the concept of "father." Students may click on an answer button for immediate feedback.
Students examine the usage of prepositions in English and build language accuracy. In this ESL lesson, students review common English prepositions and are also introduced to new and uncommon English prepositions. Students complete a student handout on prepositions.
In this advanced ESL reading comprehension worksheet, students read a detailed article about a couple who sues a TV company. Students then answer 7 true/false questions. This is most appropriate for adult ESL students.
In this ESL vocabulary building worksheet, students read a pretend transcript of a witness interview by the London Police. Students fill in the missing word blanks with any words that will make sense.
In this ESL "beer" words worksheet, high schoolers fill in blanks to complete sentences related to beer/beer use in the United States. Students may click on an answer button for immediate feedback.
Beginning English learners practice describing the weather with help from eight picture clues. Questions are phrased like "How's the weather?" and "What's the weather like?" Tinker with the formatting to make it all fit on one page before you print. Scroll down for tips for ESL teachers.
In this ESL body parts matching worksheet, 3rd graders match the picture of a numbered body part with its name. They see a clip art picture of body parts such as the tongue, toe, nose, and neck which they match to the word that names that part.
In this ESL action word matching instructional activity, students match a clip art picture of an action such as running, eating dinner, or swimming, and match it to the appropriate words.
In this ESL free time activities worksheet, student see clip art pictures of leisure activities along with the question, "Can you..?" They ask other students if they can ski, ice skate, ride a bike, or play volleyball. They write the name of other students and check off yes or no depending on how the student answers.
In this ESL international flag identification worksheet, students examine flags from different countries. They answer the question, "Where are you from?" on the blank line next to each flag.
In this ESL weather words worksheet, students look at 7 clip art pictures of weather scenes. They write words, in the space next to each number, that describe the weather shown in the picture.
In this ESL weather word matching worksheet, students match 10 clip art pictures that show things associated with weather to their names. They match pictures to words such as snowy, cold, stormy, and hot.
For this ESL use of the words most and more worksheet, students read 7 sentences. They circle true or false for each sentence as they check the use of the words most or more.
In this ESL "What is he/she doing?" multiple choice worksheet, student examine a clipart picture of a person doing an activity. They tell what the person in the picture is doing in 8 multiple choice questions.
In this ESL location word matching worksheet, students examine the location of a ball in 9 clip art pictures. They match the picture to the description of the ball's location.
In this ESL animal word matching worksheet, students look 10 blackline pictures of animals. They match the picture with the word that names the animal such as a rabbit, a snake, a dog, or a lion.
In this ESL transportation word matching worksheet, students examine black-line pictures of vehicles. They match the picture with the word that names it, such as a sailboat, a train, a motorcycle, or a canoe.
For this ESL opposites matching worksheet, students examine 10 clip art pictures. They match the picture to the word that represents its opposite such as weak/strong, large/small, or hard/soft.
For this ESL color matching worksheet, learners examine 10 clipart pictures of brightly colored fruit and match them to the words that best describe them.

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