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For this ESL worksheet, students will choose the correct word or phrase from a list of three choices to best complete each sentence.
In this ESL find someone who... scavenger hunt activity, students read clues and find another student who fits the clues. They may have to find someone who is an only child, has been to Sweden, can tell a joke in English or does not drink beer or wine. They write the name of that person next to the clue.
In this ESL guided writing activity, students complete sentences to write about their Saturday activities. They fill in blanks telling about the time they woke up, what they ate, what the did during the day, and when they went to bed.
In this ESL survey worksheet, student and the teacher fill in a table while answering whether they have certain items. They mark off whether they have a dog, a TV, a computer, a bike, along with 8 other items.
In this ESL house and garden word worksheet, students examine a picture of a house that contains 18 labels. They write the names of the labeled items on the numbered blank lines.
In this ESL discussion activity, students read (or are read to) 6 situations that seem illogical. Students discuss these riddles and try to "solve" them. Then the answers may be read and talked about.
In this ESL error correction and editing worksheet, students determine which line in an essay about Kuwait contains missing words. There is an original version for teachers included.
In this ESL reading comprehension learning exercise, students will read a short article for understanding. Upon competition, students will focus on 6 vocabulary words and respond to 7 true/false reading comprehension questions.
For this ESL legal and education vocabulary worksheet, students complete 17 sentences using the proper legal and education vocabulary. They fill in the blanks in each sentence.
In this ESL past perfect worksheet, students read a situation and 3 possible effects. Students choose the sentence that best explains the reason for the event indicated. There are 10 sentences on the page to complete.
In this ESL vocabulary building worksheet, students read 10 sentences that each have a missing word. For each question, students choose the best answer from 4 similar choices.
In this ESL punctuation worksheet, students read an article about a legal case involving student truancy. Students correct all the punctuation errors.
In this ESL extra words worksheet, students read 8 sentences and find the unneeded words. Students cross out the word that does not belong.
In this ESL plural and singular words worksheet, 12th graders analyze a list of 20 nouns. Students put the words into 2 lists depending on whether they are always plural, or if a singular form exists. Then students use the words to complete 7 sentences.
In this ESL advanced vocabulary formation worksheet, students fill in the blanks in each sentence using the correct form of the words that are given in bold beneath each sentence.
In this ESL error correction activity, students read 14 sentences that contain a form of the verb "to be." Students indicate which sentences are correct and which have mistakes. Students correct all the errors in the sentences.
Learners explore English comprehension by participating in simple language arts activities. In this ESL lesson plan, students view films with English dialogue, but with subtitles in their native language and identify words they are unfamiliar with. Learners complete crosswords in English and read song lyrics in English as well.
Students explore English by completing language arts activities in class. In this ESL lesson, students practice translating their native Japanese vocabulary into English by participating in a flash card activity. Students complete an English phrase identification worksheet.
Here is an engaging and creative project to do with your ESL learners in preparation for back to school night. A digital camera is used to photograph each pupil, and everyone completes a short writing assignment that goes along with their picture. A mapping component is embedded in this excellent lesson as well.
A great ESL lesson focuses on Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, and the Mayflower. Printable versions of the Mayflower, a Thanksgiving booklet, a Pilgrim house pattern, and links to other free sites that offer all sorts of Thanksgiving activities make this a valuable resource.

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