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For this ESL simple past of the verb, to be, worksheet, students look at 8 small clip art pictures. They write a sentence that describes the picture using the simple past of the verb to be.
For this ESL simple past tense verb worksheet, students look at 8 pictures before they answer the yes/no questions. They use the simple past tense of the verbs.
In this ESL instructions and commands worksheet, students match 10 commands with the small clip art pictures show the actions.
In this ESL animal name matching learning exercise, students match 10 small clip art pictures of animals with their names. They match animal names such as a dog, a snake, a giraffe, and a butterfly.
In this ESL what do we like doing sentence completion activity, learners choose the correct word, from a given pair, to complete each of 8 sentences. They rewrite the sentence correctly on the line beneath the given sentences.
In this ESL actions/verbs matching activity, students match 10 words to the picture that shows the action. They see words such as walk, dance, swim, and play.
In this ESL how do you go to school/verbs worksheet, students fill in 7 blanks with the correct verb and write the corrected sentences on the blank lines beneath the original sentences.
In this ESL animal naming worksheet, students examine8 small clip art pictures of animals. They answer the question, "What is it?," on the blank line by naming the animal.
For this ESL transportation words fill in the blank worksheet, learners answer 7 questions about how students get to school after looking at small clip art pictures. They answer the questions on blank lines below the questions.
In this ESL classroom commands vocabulary quiz learning exercise, learners match classroom command phrases with the picture that displays the action. They complete 7 examples.
For this ESL family match worksheet, students match clip art pictures with the word that describes it. They match 9 words which include father, baby sister, grandmother, and grandfather.
In this ESL classroom commands matching worksheet, students match phrase they would hear in a classroom with the picture that depicts the command. They complete 9 examples.
In this ESL time worksheet, students tell the time that they participate in 7 different activities. They have a partner complete the same questions explaining things such as the time they leave home, arrive at school, watch TV, and go to bed.
In this ESL Christmas word matching worksheet, students examine small clip art pictures of items associated with Christmas. They match the pictures to the word or phrase that name them.
In this ESL present continuous verb matching activity, students match 8 verbs to the pictures that best express their meaning.
In this ESL writing questions about families worksheet, student fill in the blanks with questions that can be answered with the given statement. They complete 8 examples using the clip art pictures that accompany each one.
In this ESL farm animals worksheet, students look at a small clip art picture of a farm animal before picking its name from 4 choices. They see animals such as a sheep, a rooster, a pig, and a horse.
In this ESL body parts matching instructional activity, students match small clip art pictures to the word that names it. They complete 10 examples using words such as hair, fingers, hip, and ear.
In this ESL will you help me, please activity, students look at 8 small clip art picture of a people doing an activity. They complete the sentence, "Will you help me..." by filling in a description of what the person in the picture is doing.
In this ESL weather description worksheet, students examine small pictures of weather situations. They answer the question, "What's the weather like?" by choosing the best answer from four choices. They complete 8 examples.

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