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Students test people's response to different kinds of music. In this music lesson plan, students associate different cords with different feelings or moods. They then observe a video that describes different feelings related to different music. Students are then led through an experiment in the classroom to different chords and the scientific method that goes along with this process. The then conduct their own experiments.
Students explore the work of Paul Dresher. For this musical arts lesson, students watch a video segment about musician Paul Dresher and study the acoustic and electronic instruments and music he has invented during his career.
Students discover about the form and function of traditional musical instruments, then use this knowledge to create non-traditional instruments that replicate the sounds of traditional instruments. They use vegetables to create their instruments!
Students investigate the life and education of current conductor, composer, and jazz musician Thara Memory in this 50-minute lesson introducing a two day unit. A video of Thara is included.
Students examine their own definition of music in this look at composers of "aleatoric", "free form", and experimental music. This lesson is an introduction with two possible activity extensions.
Music, art, and poetry coalesce in a single exhibition, and in a single lesson. Critical thinkers analyze the Fluxus art movement as it's seen in the work of Paul Chan's 7 Lights. They consider the use of poetry and music in his work, then compare it to the work of two other artists. The lesson culminates in a visual or concrete poem that employs the strike-through method seen in Chan's work. 
Students read about Loren Chasse who is a sound artist. In this sound art lesson plan, students research sound art and then participate in activities such as listening and recording music, researching websites, and listening to the environment.
Students consider how the 1960's impacted Great Britain. In this contemporary history instructional activity, students visit selected websites to discover information about the decade, popular culture, and women's rights.