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In this online math worksheet, students practice factoring trinomials. This excellent resource allows the students to check their answers, and to get "hints" should they run into difficulties. A terrific teaching tool!
Students factor trinomials. In this algebra lesson, students identify the different integers making up the trinomial and use the special pattern to factor them. They continue to model the equations and how to factor correctly.
Learners factor trinomials using patterns and their TI to graph their results and make predictions through this lesson. This is accomplished by solving quadratic equations through FOIL and algebra tiles.
Ninth graders investigate multiplication of binomials and factoring of trinomials.  In this Algebra I lesson, 9th graders compare and contrast expansion and factoring using algebra tiles and a TI-89.
Students factor trinomials and quadratics. For this algebra lesson, students solve quadratics when the leading coefficient is one. They use a special factoring pattern to solve the trinomial.
Students factor trinomials correctly. In this algebra instructional activity, students review the rules for factoring trinomials. They factor different polynomials as they relate the same concept and idea to facoring trinomials.
Students factor trinomials. In this algebra lesson, students use special patterns and formulas to factor. They utilize algebra tiles as a hands-on method for gaining practice with trinomials.
For this factoring trinomials worksheet, students solve and complete 28 different problems. First, they factor each trinomial, if possible. Then, students use integers to factor out those that cannot be factored and write prime.
Students factor trinomials and other quadratic functions. In this algebra lesson plan, students solve trinomials containing negative and positive coefficients. They factor quadratics of difference squares as well as regular polynomials.
Students factor trinomials using algebra tiles and blocks. In this algebra lesson, students complete a trinomials station activity. They work backwords to find their answers and discuss their steps in a group.
Students factor trinomials using specific steps. In this algebra lesson, students factor polynomials following the steps on a smart lesson. They review important vocabulary to help with solving the problems.
Practice factoring trinomials with a leading coefficient. There's a short summary at the top of the page on how to determine the signs, and some information about the first and last terms in binomials. The worksheet may involve a lot of guessing and checking, so get out your pencil and have a go at it!
Have the class factor and solve trinomials of integers in the form x2 + bx + c, where b and c are positive. They relate factoring to area and then follow a specific format to factor their trinomials. Tiles are used to help them relate factoring a quadratic trinomial to an area model. This activity could be a great way to apply algebraic concepts to real world scenarios.
Students explore the concept of factoring trinomials.  In this factoring trinomials lesson, students use the Mack Method to factor trinomials.  Students watch a video on how to factor a trinomial with a coefficient of 1 with the x squared term.
In this algebra activity, students ease into factoring by finding numbers that follow certain rules, and then rewrite trinomials and the difference of two squares as binomials. There are four questions with multiple parts and several pages of examples.
In this online math worksheet, students factor a series of trinomials given specific equations. This excellent resource allows the students to check their answers and to get "hints" should they run into difficulties.
Students factor quadratic equations and find the roots. In this algebra lesson, students solve trinomials using special patterns. They relate factoring to the area of a rectangle.
For this factoring trinomials worksheet, students factor twenty-six trinomial expressions. One problem is not factorable, one is a perfect square, and seven problems require students to factor out a common integer prior to factoring the trinomial.
In this factoring trinomials worksheet, students solve 5 multiple choice problems. Students factor trinomials using the box method or by separating the trinomial into the product of two binomials. Students find the volume of a box by factoring a cubic with a GCF.
For this factoring worksheet, students use two methods to simplify trinomials. Detailed explanations and examples are provided, with guidance to complete problems. This four-page worksheet contains five problems.

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