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Learners are given a set of Old Poly cards and then match polynomials to their factored forms in a game of Old Maid. They complete a worksheet for assessment.
Young scholars factor trinomials using different formulas. In this algebra lesson plan, students solve polynomials with two digits using FOIL and algebra tiles. They calculate the area and discuss the double distributive property.
This a nice review of different factoring techniques. Working in small groups students sort problems into categories based on how they would be factored, and present a new textbook factoring unit with their complete knowledge of factoring.  
In this factoring worksheet, students cut out the equations given and put them into different categories based on how they would be factored. Students do this for 36 equations.
High schoolers explore the concept of factoring polynomials.  In this factoring polynomials worksheet, students factor using a GCF, by grouping, a difference of two squares, two cubes, etc. 
In this algebra worksheet, students factor out common factors of polynomials. Once the common factors are out, students factor trinomial expressions into the product of two binomials when possible.
For this factoring worksheet, learners solve 10 fill in the blank problems where they factor trinomial equations into a product of factors then set each factor equal to zero to find the solutions to the polynomial equations.
In the Factoring Polynomials using FOIL (First, Outside, Inside, Last) worksheet, students are asked to factor trinomial expressions that entail the factors of the number +/- 12.
In this algebra I worksheet, 9th graders solve problems based on a variety of algebra skills, including linear equations, factoring trinomials, and percent problems. The one-page interactive worksheet contains twenty multiple choice questions and is self checking.
In this factoring worksheet, students factor polynomial equations.  This one-page worksheet contains 5 multiple-choice problems. 
In this quadratic equations worksheet, students solve 5 multiple choice problems. Students factor and solve quadratic equations. Students factor a quadratic equation word problem to find the width and length of a garden.
In this trinomials worksheet, 9th graders solve 10 different problems that include factoring various types of trinomials. First, they set up a product of two parentheses where each will hold two terms. Then, students determine the factors that go in the first positions. In addition, they determine which factors go into the last positions and solve.
For this factoring worksheet, students factor quadratics and solve quadratic equations by factoring in five multiple choice problems.  The solutions are available by clicking on the "Check It" button found at the bottom of the page.
The instructor does a very good job of explaining all the things you need to do to find the integer values of this given trinomial. She demonstrates how to set up a template to be able to check the signs of the terms. Next step, what are the factors? Then what are all the possibilities of those factors? Plug the factors into the templates and FOIL it. Now you have the integer values you were trying to find.
Use the distributive property to multiply these two trinomials. Then combine all the like terms and make sure to write them in descending order by degrees.

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