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Entitled American Studies, this small unit covers various topics related to the study of the United States. Learners warm up by creating a dictionary of democracy, then dive into three different lessons focused on government, famous Americans, and the Founding Fathers. This is a great social studies plan for preparing any third, fourth, or fifth grader for all future US history lessons.
When we talk about the history of the United States we can highlight lesson plans on famous American immigrants.
Do you recognize these famous people? Examine the lives of famous Americans like Helen Keller and Thomas Jefferson. To accomplish this, your class will study the contributions made by the famous people listed here. They will identify the pictures of these Americans and explain the importance of the republican form of government.
Students discuss who famous Americans are. In this social science instructional activity, students use photos of the famous Americans to play a concentration or memory game. Students have fun playing the game, but also reinforce what they know about each famous American.
Young scholars gather facts about important American historical figures and the events that made them important during guided reading. In this Famous Americans lesson, students use strategies from the writer's workshop to utilize the facts they have collected and write a big book. Books are presented to the school library.
Second graders play a memory game.  In this famous Americans lesson, 2nd graders view posters of famous Americans and review the facts about their lives.  Students play a concentration/memory game using the pictures of famous Americans and review the accomplishments of each person as they play.
Third graders review American historical figures. In this historical perspectives lesson, 3rd graders play a game that requires them to recall famous Americans and events where they utilize primary sources available from the Library of Congress. 
Third graders investigate a mysterious famous American. In this Thurgood Marshall lesson, 3rd graders analyze primary sources available from the Library of Congress featuring Marshall and conduct further research to determine who the mystery American is and what his accomplishments were. Analysis of best practices and technology integration articles are included to further support the teacher of this lesson.
Students investigate famous Americans. In this American history and research lesson, students choose a famous American to research, collect information from a variety of sources, and create a related PowerPoint presentation.
Third graders look at how Thurgood Marshall and  Abraham Lincoln contributed to American life today. In this famous Americans lesson, 3rd graders look at pictures related to Marshall and Lincoln's life, they compare them, using a Venn Diagram.
Second graders answer questions in teams about famous Americans. In this famous Americans lesson plan, 2nd graders answer famous Americans questions to review for an upcoming test.
Second graders explore equality by researching a famous American. In this black history lesson, 2nd graders identify individuals who fought for Civil Rights and research them using their computers and the library. Students write a report on an individual and identify his or her characteristics and belief in equality.
Students investigate U.S. history by researching Abraham Lincoln's achievements. For this Presidential biography lesson, students practice writing letters and stories explaining the accomplishments of President Lincoln during his tenure. Students collaborate in groups to present information about the Emancipation Proclamation and Slavery.
If you could read the personal diary of any famous person, living or dead, who would it be? Explore the life of an influential American through primary sources such as letters, books, and speeches. The class compiles a biography of this person focusing on the major issues that shaped his or her public life. They compare how the individual has been portrayed or expressed in different sources.
Learners use digital cameras to record their second grade buddies performance of reading their famous American biographies. They retrieve digital pictures and insert them into the biography of their famous American. They print the completed page, which will be bound into a book for classroom use.
Learners investigate the life of George Washington. In this George Washington lesson, students view a slideshow of scenes of Washington's life. Learners then look in a box of pictures and choose one. Students then explain which famous American the picture relates to.
Students design a biographical web for a famous American figure. They identify key research questions and organize information as a prewriting strategy. This can be done individually or as a class, depending on your needs and students.
Fourth graders research the important people of the American Revolutionary War. In this social studies/US history lesson, 4th graders discover the important people in the American Revolutionary War by researching them and viewing a slideshow. Additionally, students are broken into small groups to research their assigned person and create a class book on famous Americans during the American Revolutionary War. 
Students research the viewpoints of famous Americans, and then write commencement speeches reflecting these viewpoints to be delivered to high school graduates of today.
Students explore and describe notable Americans. In this famous Americans instructional activity, students discover the accomplishments of these Americans. Students use photos with descriptions of why they were famous writtten on the back. Students use these photos to play concentration.

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